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New bottles


I had bought e liquid online and when I got it, it was in these awesome clear bottles and I loved them. Looked all over for them online, and then finally figured out that they are tattoo ink bottles. They are pretty nice! I ended up finding them on Amazon, but took forever.


Nice! Got a link?


Try This TM


@JamsGrumpyGills if your in the US, try NicotineRiver.com, in DIY section. They are Bullet Bottles.


I’ll totally check that out!!


Wizardlabs has the same. I would price compare. Many vendors offer them, nowadays.


those are like the bottles I get my 60 ml of flavor concentrates in from Nicotine River they cap then with regular caps and include those twist spouts with every bottle of great bottles!


Appreciate it brother.


If your in the US these are good bulk prices on various sizes.


I got ten 30 ml bottles on wizard labs for 4.99. They have all the supplies needed to mix your own juice.


On ibottles you can get 10 100ml bottles for £2.80 ($3,67) :slight_smile: they are not clear though. Yours do look amazing though


I got mine on Amazon. I got the 60ml for $8.99 I think. I’ll be sure to compare next time, they’re cheaper on Wizard Labs.