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New flavors from FA


I watched the video but may have missed it. Was there much steep involved ?


No steep, shake and vape SFT lol.
And sure it could steep out, everybody else might not notice it etc. Just funny.

Starts at 5:44 in the video


Just got them ! Won in a FA-NA Contest. Mixed them up to start the testing on them. Wont have the full final results for about a month or so. They need the steep.


So has anyone tried the new FA flavors at BCF?

They may only be new to BCF, but perhaps others have had them before.

Some of the ones that caught my eye were;

Graham Crust
Chocolate Glazed Donut
Candy/ Jammy Wizard
New York Cheesecake

Maybe these are only new to BCF and others have had them or they may even be new to everyone. Any new FA flavor suggestions are welcome.

Let us know.


I’d like too…but…

Seems those are all OOS at BCF…


Yeah, usually at bcv and nicriv, when you see a bunch of new flavors and they all say oos, that means they either dont have them in yet or cant put them for sale yet. Maybe theres an official release date that they all must abide by, not sure?


The new flavors except for Candy Jammy are in stock now at BCV