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New flavors from FA


Found this on FA UK FB page. Not sure when they are coming out.

" Coming Soon! Fantastic New Flavours by Flavourart. Watch this space for when they arrive in stock. Dragon Fruit, Vanilla Ice Cream, New York Cheese Cake, Graham Crust Cheese Cake, Jammy Wizard, Chocolate Doughnut and Bavarian Cream. "

New FlavourArt Flavors (At BullCity)
New FlavourArt Flavors (At BullCity)
NEW flavour art flavors

Let me at that Vanilla Ice Cream!!! @robin you made my night :grinning:


Yes i know !! I want to try that ice cream and the New York cheesecake.


Wooooop! Good find @robin :heart_eyes:


Fa do great quality aromas I bet these are used often. Quite expensive though compared to others I hope prices drop from large supply.


Fa is my Overall favorite company , i have more or their flaves than anyones , they do have some complete failures , but the ones that work outweigh the ones that dont and if your comparing quality the prices arent really too high , im betting these hit the mark i cant wait for them to be released … ty robin for the heads up


You do own LB VIC, yes? :slight_smile:

So when I finally got that one I be all like STOP, PUMP THE BRAKES, WE’RE HERE!!! :laughing:

Ok, still interested.


No doubt that will be another order!
Be interesting to taste their vanilla Ice Cream. Will need to be good to surpass the sublime LB offering which is undoubtedly the best I’ve tried!


I’m still interested in the fa version. I find the lb too heavy sometimes and fw too light.

Maybe fa with creamed whipped will be just right. Lol.


I wonder what the difference will be between Bavarian cream and Vienna cream.


To me, vienna cream has a slight spice to it and sometimes it tastes tangy. I think bavarian cream will be a staright full bodied cream.


Watch soon the header will change too “not available in the US” and the comments will change to, well there’s better flavors from xxxx available anyways lol.

I might try them but I doubt its my cup of tea, bars are set high and that means it would have been extremely outstanding. But I definatly looking forward of purchasing some, after the hype drops and if available in the US permanently.

Let’s just pray that all of these come without the hint of lemon zest.


Yes, please! Hopefully its not just maltol or e.maltol.

@eStorm yer new avatar is so angry looking and while i like it it doesnt really fit your kind personality.


Jammy wizard, but I feel like FA is late to the game for some of these flavors


im hoping they have tested their competition and improve them , but ya your right most people have settled on their Favorite VIC or Cheesecake … but with FA they are always worth trying imo


I thought it was funny and actually how I feel sometimes testing some of my mixes lol. Angry was the last thing I wanted, you’re right, but thank you for the compliment tho.

I’m sorry for the off topic …again, nobody kill me :wink:


Official letter of warning in the mail


I cant wait! I know FA is going to find some way of making the chocolate doughnut taste like lemon lol


waynes thoughts on 3 flaves


Thanks for sharing the link. So we replaced lemon zest with strawberry, because that’s the first thing i would think off, when purchasing something labeled as NY cheesecake :wink: but maybe that’s once again a Italian thing…we will never know lol.