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NEW flavour art flavors


I probably will add the jammy wiz to the next flavour order, but am in no big hurry to order more.

Give us your feedback on the flavours, I am curious about the two you picked.


i will for sure those are the only two new flaves i ordered the weekend … so the testing will be quick and easy lol


I grabbed the choc glzd donut and graham cracker. So is that gelato their vbic that was mentioned above?


Yes, I reckon it is sold as gelato or ice cream depending on market.
Have not seen the jammy wizzard around in UK yet. Holding off buying a bit as to see what people say, but then I want to get some of fa tobaccos at some point so probably won’t resist the temptation of a couple new bottles ( gelato likely one )


i wondered that myself ty superfrog


Got excited by this discussion, went ahead and ordered some of these new FA flavors from CF.
here’s what i got this time
Queen FA
Graham Crust FA
New York Cheesecake FA
Chocolate Glazed Doughnut FA
Dragon Fruit FA
Vanilla Ice Cream FA

i couldn’t wait to test the Cheesecake, so mixed up 2.5% CK with 1% GC and 1% VIC … added some (~1.5%) Shisha Strawberry - to make it similar to a simple SB/CK mix, and WOW!!! Smells amazing, and tastes like magic right after mixing. very smooth and all notes i expected are there. happy that finally FA has a cheesecake - and that it’s at that quality level.
excited to see how this mix develops as it steeps, and to test the other flavors - especially “queen” :slight_smile:


@netweight I ordered all of them, minus the Pazzos. Post up your results when you get yours tested.


Has anyone tried the new Crema Bavarese yet? A reviewer on Bull City said they tasted a hint of cinnamon and pudding.


no i only got the gelato and the cheesecake eventually ill grab all except the chocolate donut


@TorturedZen I picked up all the new ones with the exception of the one shots. Haven’t mixed them up yet, will crack the bottle and see what’s what.


my SnV test was fine then after few days it muted - i diluted carefully and got the (great) flavor back… that tells me the ratios i used here are on the high side … have to use even lower … interesting! can’t believe i can get away with < 2% cheesecake in a mix - as main flavor ?? but seems this is how strong these flavs are. maybe it’s just my new Kylin Mini :slight_smile:


How much did you dilute by?


added 1 part base to 3 mix - so by 1/4