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NEW flavour art flavors


I couldnt find where @robin posted the Ad regarding these new flavors . I am wondering if anyone has any news regarding them ? has anyone tested them ? has anyone heard anymore regarding when they will be released ?




I wonder how many of those will have lemon in them?:rofl:


I was so going to post exactly that lmao


wow i typed in New flavourart flavors and nothing lmao maybe it was me lol ty




Oh, my apologies fellow. It’s a pun because Flavour Art seems to always mess up desserts such as Custard and Cake concentrates by adding ridiculous amounts of lemon flavoring to them.

*My theory is that they are replacing diacetyl with lemon flavoring and crossing their fingers


Custard always smells of citrus to begin with, it is a required ingredient; but custard is a pain, as we know, because it requires steeping for so long to bring out the rich custard flavour, the citrus fades right back during this process. Lemon is not used as a replacement for Diacetyl and there is no ‘hit and hope’ in the FA Lab I can assure you.

The new flavours, Pazzo and the ‘magnificent seven’, are very near to launching; we are just waiting for all distributors to receive stock so that we can all go on the same day. I have just begun to sample them and the Vanilla Ice Cream is quite lush, although I want to try it with a few other complimentary flavours and a hint of Polar Blast. Ice Cream has been a challenge for many flavour houses when it comes to vaping and I think part of the problem is that we inhale a warm vapour which alters our perceptions/expectations. Adding a tiny amount of Polar Blast might just give it enough of a chilling effect to fool our brains! :wink:


Dude I was not being serious and I know you all don’t “hit and hope” anything. Your Custard Premium is a masters success and in my opinion is the best out there diacetyl or not. The regular custard makes a great sorbet base BTW.

Also know that just about any of my most successful recipes have FA concentrates in them. I give FA concentrates more high marks than most any other concentrate developers.

I do however wish that you all would make a peanut butter, a popcorn and a rice concentrate.


with lemon zest, clove, nutmeg and eggnog. Sorry but I couldn’t help myself :wink:

Nope it’s not actually. I was surprised by that statement as well. Thanks for not letting me believe that I am the only crazy person here :wink:


Is this here a European thing? Im being serious and im curious to know as no custard that i have ever eaten has had citrus notes. I have had custards from the southern states, Amish custards and custards from the MidWest and have yet to encounter citrus in a plain custard. I aint saying it is bad or anything, i just like knowledge. And I find the citrus quite useful in fruit custards.

As i havent seen you post before. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Sans the alcohol notes please.


in HIC notes for custard he makes some kind of reference to the lemon zest being an italian chef thing let me see if i can fine what im talking about

hics note

FA Custard is a true basic custard flavor, not goopy vanilla pudding. Custard is made by cooking egg yolks, sugar, milk/cream, a little vanilla, and often a little lemon zest, into a thickened cream. FlavourArt is an Italian company, so they’ve included the light vanilla and lemon zest flavor as an Italian chef likely would. This is a bright, sweet, lightly creamy flavor.


@FlavourArt_UK well then. Hello


Custard just about rhymes with b4st4rd for a good reason! It is probably the flavour concentrate that really does need a six to eight week steep for the true flavour to come through. We must remember that we are dealing with highly concentrated flavours, and even though they have already been diluted from ‘super concentrates’, the perception of taste will change when diluted. The citrus notes that seem prominent in the concentrate should fade right back after six weeks steeping.

Anyway, our new flavour samples have arrived and I have begun sampling with Vanilla Ice Cream; it is rather lush! I’m currently working from home as I broke my foot on vacation and need to rest it while it heals, so a good time to sample new stuff. I am going to try a tiny amount of Polar Blast in the Ice Cream as I have an inkling that our perceptions are influenced by more than just the flavour, in this case the temperature. Our brain expects Ice Cream to be cold, not warm like the vapour, so Polar Blast might just do that and fool the brain. I’m also working on making the texture of the vapour resemble Ice Cream, but it might take a while!! :wink: :joy:


Thanks for the tip about the length of steep time for the citrus note to fall back and for your opinion on the the new Vanilla Ice Cream. Hope your foot heals quickly and I look forward to reading your notes on the new FA Flavors. By the way, I’m very curious about the “Candy/Jammy Wizard”. If you get a chance, I would love to hear your opinion as to whether this is a neutral flavoring additive to add a gummy/jam texture, or if it has a distinct candy profile flavor.


Hehe. Thing is it is almost always worth the time, you just got to make a lot of it and know when to mix more.

I second this. And if you folks at FA run out of things to make a cooked pear would be freaking awesome. And Thimbleberry. :wink:

I hope that you get to feeling better!


I use Polar Blast(FA) in my Raspberry Sorbet recipe, and it makes a wonderful “cool” note that accentuates the flavors quite nicely(To my taste buds, anyways!). I would think that adding PB to your VBIC would be just the ticket!

Here’s to a speedy and complete recovery! Remember: Sometimes the best medication is time. Bones take a little while to mend(Of this I know all too well…), so stay off the dance floor for a bit. Cheers!


Also excited to hear the results of FA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream! @FlavourArt_UK hope your foot heals soon!


www.flavourart.co.uk as well as www.chefsflavours.co.uk has the new flavours as well as the Pazzo line in stock.


nice i jusy ordered the gelato and the cheesecake , i always give cheesecake a try the other flavors ive found my faves already…