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New Recipe Showcase 2018


Now I really feel bad… sometimes I go 2 weeks. phucking MF and Ti. Even worst I’ve changed 1 coil this year. I’m a effing slacker.:no_mouth:


i dont have FLV id use caps or tpa but i like caps better , its the only two ive ever had after i move this summer ill buy more FLV flaves ty…


I get’cha Bro. Adapting is a avenue that best suits your individual taste or needs. Use what you have and upgrade if needed. It’ll save you some $$$!


Please keep me posted on your findings for the new Fa flavors. I am waiting to read some reviews from forum members before i purchase.


i will, im in the middle of moving and stuff which is a process lol but hopefully in the next couple days



My take on a cherry ripe


After seeing your mix I’m kinda embarrassed to post mine… but this came out pretty good. I did find the missing ingredient for a good apple filling… A couple drops of FA Honey in those apples. It adds a cooked glazed almost caramelized feel to this apple.


no need to be embarrassed lol this looks amazing currently trying to put some money a side so i can get some mf and hopefully mix some of yours bro


Thoughts on this? Going for a vanilla forward, vanilla star, heavily vanilla vanilla. Avoiding CAP VC because it is too distinct and I want just plain ol’ vanilla with a teeny touch of bakery.

Thrilla in Vanilla :

1.25% Ethyl Vanillin 10% (TPA)
1.75% French Vanilla (TPA)
1.20% Vanilla (MF)
2.25% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)
2.50% Vanilla Cupcake (TPA)

Flavor total: 8.95%


1 drop FLV Smooth Vanilla :ok_hand:


Need more Vanilla


Don’t have it. Only LA Vanilla which is unimpressive.


.50 INW Vanilla Shisha


Yep don’t have it.


Have you got Holy vanilla ?


I’m always scared stacking too much vanilla of different kinds, because to me it always results in a hot mess lol.

But since I don’t own vanilla mf and you asked for more vanilla, when in doubt could always add (tfa) vanilla swirl lol. Nothing can go wrong with that!


these 2, boy are they dark!!!


Lol I thought about them too. Tahity is also dark. I’ve never stacked them tho :wink:


Id have to agree here , instead of adding more vanilla id maybe drop one and add a Cream like FLV and maybe Meringue or Sugar Cookie just to give the mix some body / mouthfeel and sweetness …im not familiar with a couple of those vanillas phil is using but the Vanillin is one i stopped using long ago because it seemed to take over an entire mix …