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New Recipe Showcase 2018


That seems like a perfectly useful opinion to share… Why the deletion?


Ehh… didnt wanna derail, felt like i did that often, lol.


But youre right, it is useful info. I’ll reword.
If youre throwing a bunch of vanillas together and get a weird taste, investigate the vanilla shisha further. I get a chemical taste from it after its steeped a bit. Id have to test further to be totally positive its 100% the culprit but im pretty sure. It doesnt smell or finger test weird, only vapes. To me. Not to most people. It was the only common denominator in a handful of juices that had this exact off taste to me. Also, i finally purchased a bottle of Boss Reserve and i get the same thing.


I won’t continue the derail past this point. I did mix this one as-is (the only other vanilla I have is LA anyway) and have shelved it for steep sleep. Appreciate the advice for other vanilla types. If MF turns out to be less of the star I assume it is, I will be looking for an alternative.


thanks @Lolly this one looks super yummy… :+1:


@Pro_Vapes I’m still steeping CucuDew, and I guess now, I’ll have to get that Mint now !!! Regarding your mention os Pyure (new version), would that be this …??


@Mix_and_Hope First things first. that SC riding that PSO looks FABULOUS !!! As far as those two little FA gems, they may appear somewhat dark, but they’re very clean IMO, use them often, and can’t NOT have them on the rack.


Yep… That’s the one.



That sounds just crazy enough to be kickass! :laughing:

Of course, I only have one of the flavors… /facepalm

Actually, make that two! Totally didn’t realize I had Apricot FA. :roll_eyes:
At least now all I have to get is some black tea! :wink:




Well i am just chuffed that this came out sooo good.


Inspired by a naked drink


i havent been here in awhile but im still around n mixing after i took a short summer break. I came up with this one and thought id share it here.


I came across this mix in my steep box today and boy am I glad I did. I remember my early taste test and the Pistachio was quite strong, but over the months this has really settled into a very smooth Pistachio top note nestled in a very well layered and balanced Ice Cream Sandwich.

The combination of VC1 and VIC makes for a sweet velvety base for the nut note. The Cookie FA gives it a solid bakery note and then the hints of Butter Toffee and Chocolate just backs up everything with a candy bar type finish… Just Delish!

This one is a long steeper so be patient… it’ll get there.

Steep 60 days… use no heat.

Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich

Ingredient %
Butter Toffee (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.75
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 1.30
Dark Chocolate (MF) 0.60
Pistachio (Flavorah) 0.60
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 3.00
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 3.50

Flavor total: 9.75%

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Can not make this recipe like Smoky Blue‘s recipes? reduce 80% on flv flavors, and have a steeper shorter? :sweat_smile:


interesting , i love the Pistachio , chocolate pairing one of my fave ice creams is Spumoni and i have a recipe that im pleased with but need to rework the Ice Cream base


Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB)

I stumble onto this combo while trying to create a chocolate pudding… I’ve used it quite a few times now with pretty good results. You can try varying %s that might work for you.

I’m sure you already know about the inclusion of Whipped Cream and Vanilla to Ice Cream mixes.


ty , i really need to settle on a base , Im always trying different combos with the LB VIC , and i cant go above 3.5 pct with the VIC or i get a pepper note :frowning:


Take a look at…

3% VCv1 CAP
.6-.75% Cream Whipped FA
.5% Vanilla MF or .75% Holy Vanilla DIYFS

Tweak to your preference.