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New Recipe Showcase 2018


Vaping this today and enjoying quite a bit!


I’ll be vaping that in three weeks. Sooooo excited. It
Smelled very good.


I never was big on pumpkin, but I’m really enjoying this recipe.



[quote="woftam, post:305, topic:177444"ave tried about 5 recipes) it tastes like vaped potato and dirt

Taro … yup. I’ve had the same experience. REally wanted to like it too!


Whatchutalkin’bout Willis?

As strange as it sounds, I’d still try that before grasshoppers or crickets… :nauseated_face:


Mix mashed potatoes (riced work best) and powdered sugar, roll out, spread with peanut butter, roll like you would for pinwheels, slice and eat.



Ok. I’ve been down the Looper rabbit hole for a while now but think my efforts are showing promise.

Call me insane but to my taste buds at least, that sweet top note in Looper is definitely Cantaloupe. And after failing miserably with a lot of cantalopue flavours I found one that suited this recipe. FLV Cantaloupe.

It’s an amazing flavour with no perfumy off-notes. What’s more, it mixes well with other flavours in this mix, unlike the other ones i had tried. It gives you that bubblegum-like cantloupe top note that i was chasing after.

I think the recipe “needs more fine-tuning” but if anyone would like to mix it and give feedback, i’d really appreciate it.

“needs more fine-tuning” updated version


I’ve been chasing a good Cheesecake since June 2017. So far, this seems to be it! Just shy of a 30 day steep, the Crust is just right, and the smooth creaminess is hitting the spot. Strawberries are right up top and well balanced. NF SB is a little bright and thin, blending well with the sweeter RF to make a well-rounded sweet Strawberry on top.

The addition of Danish Pastry and Vanilla Custard RFSC sealed the deal. The Pastry adds a nice pastry feel and just a touch of Cinnamon spice way in the back. The Custard thickens, smoothes and adds a hint of Vanilla.

Also, this can easily be flipped to PG-free by omitting the added PG I use. Just hit Max VG. @jay210, I think you’re only missing the Graham Cracker RFSC, but you should be fine with NF at the same %! That GC RFSC is a must-have item if you find it accessible!


I have all the rfsc , I may have to adapt this a bit


Awesome! I’d like to see what you come up with. All of those NF are about 2 bucks each at diyvaporsupply. I strongly recommend them.


I need to start using what I have … I know that sounds crazy right ?? Lol , my mixing room is almost complete. When the room is ready I’ll start mixing more consistently.


I can dig it. My 2c if I were to sub with more common flavors, I think Cinnamon Danish Swirl + Cream Cheese Icing LA nice and Low!, LA Cheesecake to replace the NF, and don’t go any higher than .35% on RFSC CC(!), Add a bright, realistic SB should get you there. Just an educated guess on those common flavors. If CDS is heavy on Cinnamon, go really low.


Giving recommendations to sub flavors that you’ve never used with flavors I’ve never used! That’s rich!
@fidalgo_vapes :crazy_face:


I think if the room is half ready it’s time to start mixing. Lol


Yes sir it is time… I have about 120ml of finished juice left so I NEED to start mixing


Btw how you doing,with the FLV


Good. I have first batch of mixes ready to vape end of next week I hope. I know I just mixed last weekend…so the first batch was two saturdays before that.

I can’t wait, but I am waiting. I mixed up 32 11ml bottles.

The hardest struggle was mixing with smokyblu’s ultra low percents…but I stuck with it.


Ive mixed a few of hers and a couple were good and a couple a bit light on flavor , however she has convinced me to mix a different way then I did b4… I do think her percentages are more precise than the YouTube superstars :wink: