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New Recipe Showcase 2018


Yes. A drop of two of anise fa in a root beer mix is great. Atleast that’s what I do when mixing with ic lb and root beer flv. @SessionDrummer


That’s all the reason you need IMO! :wink:


It sounds crazy but I’ve been mixing with CAP double Watermelon, la watermelon and la banana cream to chase down that sweetness
At the moment I have

3% CAP Double Watermelon
2.5% FW Fruit Rings
2% TFA Strawberry
4% TFA Strawberry Ripe
1% TFA Meringue
And 1.5% CAP VC for the butter note.
Have been chasing that looper taste for ages. I don’t get any TFA Berry Cereal from it though. If I emerge from the rabbit hole, I’ll post my lame attempt up here.


I’m working on a v2 with lemon and orange mf. I’d like it to be more citrus-y


Good idea. I have TFA Orange cream and FA Orange. Which would you use for a bite?


It has a sweet mallowy thick sugar taste that reminds me of TFA Meringue. FA Meringue doesn’t work. It doesn’t hold up in a steep whereas TFA is amazing as a cereal sugar.


I have a bottle I got from the States. Have been knuckle-testing and vaping it side by side with my attempts. Don’t know about the destination but I’m enjoying the mixing journey with this one. Steep learning curve.


I personally prefer the tpa, but not for bite… it’s a pretty good mellow orange imo. The fa orange has more bite. I’ll leave that up to you.

Like I said earlier, I haven’t had the original looper and I’m not really trying to clone it. I’m just looking to improve the clone I adapted… I really don’t care if it’s a spot on looper clone as long as it’s a good cereal vape.


Oh holy F***! Those were my absolute favorites as a kid. Gave myself a monster of a stomach ache when my grandma gave me a buck and ordered me to spend it on candy. Candy was much cheaper back in the prehistoric days…


Good point. At the end of the day, It’s nice to have your own cereal vape that’s tailored to your tastes


I was thinking the same thing- one I can make!:grin:


Cant Wait to taste this in a few weeks, Just mixed it up, with a few changes see notes on recipe reply. Thanks for sharing!. Howard Hughes