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New Study Finds Vaping Doesnt Affect Lung Function


This was on another forum I am a member of, sounds good to me.


" After all, studies conducted by entirely unbiased sources is the strongest and should be supported by the public and vapers alike."


If only the FDA would clue in these kind of studies and make vaping more available to the masses. The success rate of vaping is so large. It is helping people live longer. I wonder if people started DIYing Nicotine gum would there be as much demonization of that??


Absolutely there would be a demonization. Money is being taken away from the big boys.


It is decided then. I am going to start my own craft Nicotine Gum Line. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for sharing this. Its finally good to see theres studies being done to prove vaping is better than smoking!


What is the other forum?


Here is Dr. Farnoud’s Bio for anyone interested. https://www.ohio.edu/engineering/about/people/profiles.cfm?profile=farnoud


It doesn’t really matter what the facts are or what some study says. It depends on what’s in the media. Popcorn lung anyone? Alcohol/drug prohibitions? JFK? Fake news? Facts are not very important in today’s decision making it seems.
I bet there are already other studies claiming the opposite or discrediting this one. Who paid for it? Has the author of the study ever stolen a chewing gum in his life etc etc…


@woftam great linkage brother. He’s done quite a few articles…


edit ---- Sorry, @DarkJester89 already posted this.


This is anecdotal but I find in the evenings after vaping all day I cough and my lungs kind of hurt. I’ve never smoked besides cigars and vaping. I started vaping to get off dip and it worked. I don’t mind the coughing in the evenings since I won’t lose my mouth and tounge to the C.

Does anyone else get a cough towards the end of the day?


No I dont cough unless I am sick now.


I am sure vaping is safer than smoking , just I am concerned about DAAP ; D-A-AP
diacetyl , Acetoin , A/P ,
I hope we get study about using and safe % range in recipe , and mL dose per day


try use zero mg nic , if no cough , do DIY ejuice in 1mg
if you want more nic , use Marshmallow at 1%