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New to the world


Welcome to the World. It can be a wild ride.:open_mouth::astonished::flushed::dizzy_face:



Prepare to make lots of turd juice. It took me many months and lots of aggravation to get a feel for mixing. I can’t tell you how many mixes (other peoples and my own) that I’ve binned. I really like this hobby but when I began the failures pissed me off no end.

Persevere and you will succeed!


Been mixing since April and thx to e-liquid-recipes.com. The only turds I make are the ones I make in the bathroom.

Research is key


Looking forward to the fun times and the bad. thank you for the welcomes.


@Beaufort_Batches has a wonderful orange dream liquid! I don’t have to buy the dream bars anymore


Wow, really, you’ve enjoyed every recipe that you’ve mixed and never trashed one through experimentation?

I’ve mixed plenty of recipes from ELR that haven’t appealed to me, I wouldn’t say that other peoples recipes were turds out of respect for personal tastes and opinions but some of my concoctions, oh my, calling them turds would be a compliment :grinning: Even with plenty of research it took me some time to get a feel for it and work out my preferences.


Yes really.

I only buy flavors I like - less turds that way.

If you like what’s going in pretty good chance what you make won’t be a turd


Hehe @tartarusspawn maybe you could teach me THAT trick, still trying to figure that one out.


I find Decadent Vapours (DV) Orangella is a very nice vape on its own,


Have fun! :smile:


I’m pretty shure the guava I just tried tasted like raw tomatoes, it was particularly disgusting.


Here’s my very first order back in April from liquid barn

The DIY Starter Kit - 1x 500ml VG | 1x 500ml PG / 125ml Nicotine 48mg (PG Base) Flavor
1: Peach Flavor - like peaches so had to get

2: Strawberry Flavor - who don’t like strawberries

3: Strawberry Cheesecake Flavor - love a good cheesecake

4: Blue Raspberry Flavor -sounded interesting , liked it in a pen unit, but in the tfv4 or higher needs sweetener

5: Honeydew Flavor - liked this one but as an occasional vape

6: Cappuccino Flavor - I love a good cappuccino, was disappointed but still enjoyed it but needs to be mixed with something else (like maybe caffeine)

7: Banana Flavor - was presently surprised with this one reminds me off banana Lafayette taffy

8: Rootbeer Flavor - kinda reminds me of root beer barrel candy ( but got this flavor to make some floats with

9: Snickerdoodle Flavor - pure curiosity on this flavor. And enjoyed it very much got roughly 250 mil mixed up right now and a 30 mil mixed with cappuccino

10: Sweetener (Flavor Enhancer) - always Nice to have sugar around when your cooking…

Since then I have ordered other flavors I need for recipes I think might be good…

And honestly they all been good since I liked what was going into them. Some I liked more than others. But none have gone down the drain

So to sum everything up,

if your just starting out try single flavor recipes first of flavors you actually like…

Then look for recipes with those flavors.

Then if ya want experiment and create some new and exciting flavors of your own…


I DIY, but also check out manufactures most offer good to great sample packs. Go to www.LizardJuice.com (5-30ml bottle for $20.00) Under AMP very good Orange Cupcake. Best wishes and welcome.
Peace out,

"Live Long &B Vape On!"
Scott “Hippie Juice Man”