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New to the world


Just started in the wide world of diy. Bought base and flavors from nicvape and am testing them out, all because no company I have found offers a nice orange vape.


If you enjoy an Orange profile Eliquid. You will love this selection of Orange threads, Particularly the top link.
Oh and Welcome to ELR :raised_hand:and the Wonderful World of DIY Eliquids.


Welcome! Definitely take a peek at this thread!


Thank you bolth very much will research bolth when I get home


Welcome aboard.

Now Im not the new guy newb anymore .


Oh yeah, you totally passed the entrance exam!


Thanks, be gentle I break easy


We don’t do gentle round these parts.


where’s my barbed wire and axel grease?


At least it’s not razor wire


ur giving me ideas…


Welp can’t say I didn’t ask for it. I’m just not gonna help now.


We used them on you.
We need to get 4 horses


It only gets better



Yes it does !



I thought drawn and quartered was saterday’s?


Keel hauling I Saturday


Brazen Monday’s then?




Iron tuesdays


Welcome and glad you joined.
Be sure to let us know if you find an orange grail recipe.