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Newbie that bought someones LARGE flavor stash


Lots of good info here & and I am trying some simple recipes as time allows, & adding the flavors to my stash list.

Mostly TFA some CAP & FW about 150+ flavors

My main questions right now,

If I do a what can I mix search (which is am AWESOME feature!!!) I obviously get recipes for only the flavors & brands I have.

But looking at other recipes around, I have the flavors but not the specific brand used how different can they be?? I am by no means a top mixologist

Second, as a starting point what are the best percentages to be used with them

I believe my stash is visible to the public, but not complete as of right now, it will be tonight

Any help, advice is appreciated

Vape ON!


Flavors by brand vary greatly, strength, actual flavor, mouth feel. Can you sub? Yes. Will it taste the same? No. Will it be bad? Probably not, will it be good? Probably. Will it be great? Probably not.


every flavor in the database will show a median %

Look at the guide too :+1:



Anywhere from “not much” to dramatically different. And to further complicate matters, sometimes the flavor name on the bottle is not indicative of what you’ll taste.

It’s a long and winding, yet wonderful journey!

Welcome, and congrats on all the new flavors!


Going out on a limb here…kindly for future readers…“probably not” isn’t accurate. If you do your research it can be great. In a lot of cases fantastic. Will it be the flavor the created intended? Nope. If you don’t do some reading and thinking prior to adapting a recipie will it be good…probably not.

What do I mean take the time? And hour reading up on flavors prior to building an adapted recpie.

Research? Look at twenty other adapted recipes and uses just for one flavor you are going to adapt.


Thanks for your input guys,

Keep it coming please.

I can see this being a quite large rabbit hole I stumbled into!!

I just updated my flavor stash list 142 :roll_eyes:


Lol. Yes the rabbit hole is deep. For now I am staining at the mail box waiting for my flavor order.

I’m not quick on linking back but there is a thread for the guide to mixing the most highly rated recipies and a few others that should be a good read.


please ANY good links are appreciated!!

I SUCK at Any search



Got you covered on the linky linky thing :wink:




Honestly just search “beginners”


I’m on it.:+1:

Thanks in advance for the gazillion questions I am going to ask…

I will leave the bottle of pure nicotine I got with the stash out of the picture for now…

IK IK…!!


Standing at my box too