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Nic Question


Why do some recipes call for 100mg nic while others call for 200mg nic (in this case, lets have this be 100% PG-based nic not that it might matter but it’s what I have already purchased for mixing) when you manually use the calculator to target desired nic strength anyway?

#2. And be that the case (that some recipes vary this way), will a recipe that has been created with 200mg 100% PG-based nic turn out differently if that same recipe is adhered to exactly but with the one exception being, the substitution of 100mg 100% PG-based nicotine? And again, this question is framed around the scenario that one would be using the calculator so there would be no guesswork otherwise.

I guess what I am really trying to get at is this… a couple of the recipes I’ve made, for my first tries at DIY’ing, called for 200mg 100% PG-based nicotine but what I was instructed to order from a buddy was 100mg. When I began mixing my recipes I simply altered the calculator from 200mg to 100mg and proceeded forward… should my results be okay or did I mess up by not also altering other ratios within these recipes?


not a silly question for the beginner but any recipe can be made with the nicotine strength you have and the nicotine desired outcome that you want with the calculator as u mentioned.


Thank you, sigh of relief…

Yeah, I was shaking my 1st batch of liquids a moment ago when it dawned on me, “Here you are, shaking these daily, keeping them all comfy in a darkened place, patiently waiting for a couple weeks to pass by to try them all out… but you used 100mg 100% PG-based nic when a few of those recipes called for 200mg 100% PG-based nic. Great, just great, when you try them they are probably going to taste like black peppered, pan-seared, baby diapers.”

So thank you again for cooling out my brain, much appreciated!


u would have used more nicotine, only time that runs into problems as when u use a low mg nic base so the it would contain a high amount of the total, perhaps half, and then u may not achieve the pg/vg ratio that u want


Try letting em sit or you could try sitting 1/2 half of them and shaking 1/2 of them - i doubt very much you would be able to tell any difference in either time taken to age or taste of the final product.


@SCutshall You are good to go !!! 100mg NIC is dangerous enough so that’s typically as high as anyone recommends. If the person who made the recipe used 200mg NIC then that’s why it was there. Once you set YOUR defaults (check box on the recipe page) it will get sorted out, to match your target NIC level. As mentioned above, there’s really NEVER a bad question when it comes to NIC, as it can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Also if the recipe called for 1g. of 200 mg NIC, you would end up using 2g. of 100mg NIC. Matchy matchy.


Can you share an example of that recipe? Never, in the years I’ve been mixing, have I seen or heard of a recipe that calls for 200mg of nic. You sure it wasn’t a typo?



The flavor part is THE recipe.

Everything above the Flavors/% and “Suggested steep time” is CUSTOM to what kind of nicotine you own/bought and what desired outcome you prefer.

EDIT: If in doubt dump-out and start again. Good thing about DIY it’s not expensive to start over

Once you have that figured out then set them as your default as @SessionDrummer mentions.


@SCutshall You can choose your defaults for preferred PG and VG, you can also set what mg of NIC you are using, and what your NIC carrier is too, PG/VG. This is up top of your recipe

THEN, if you are going to use that always (most of us do), then scroll down, and check the save base values as default before saving your recipe. From then on out every time you create a recipe from scratch, or adapt one from someone else it will load the exact same desired PG/VG final ratio, and it will set your NIC to that default value.


Thank you all for the help and support, I am good to go!

@TorturedZen He sent me a link to his recipe and then I altered it and saved it. I don’t know how to get you the original one now that I saved it as mine.


Nicotine juice 100 mg (100% PG)




PG dilutant




VG dilutant




Total base




** Dairy Milk (TPA)**




DX Hazelnut (TPA)




French Vanilla (TPA)








Strength: 3 mg

PG/VG-ratio: 30/70

Flavor total: 85 ml / 85g (17%)

**Price: 0.00 **

You can make this

@TorturedZen It was that recipe but originally with 200mg 100% PG-Based Nic. Copy-n-Paste was the best I could figure out to do. Sorry.


HEY I have those flavors :smile:
I think you have it figured out but just to beat a dead horse you have to

  1. set your nicotine up in user/preferences.
  2. Then Adapt a recipe and modify it,
  3. then check the checkbox to save the base values as default.
  4. Then save the recipe in your recipes.

And you got it! be sure to go back to the original recipe and let the creator know what you thought of it and if you made changes what they were. There are a bunch of other tricks you can learn as you go like setting up your flavor stash, So have fun and happy mixing.


Awesome, thank you!