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Nicotine addictive only in certain circumstances?


Anything can be propaganda and I haven’t verified the Parkinson’s and ADHD reference, but this is a good watch. Things they say make sense like folks reducing the nicotine in their eliquids over time.





I’m not a chemist… all sounds like Chinese to me :frowning:
I did recognize the word ‘pyrazines’ (“This study examines the use of additives called ‘pyrazines’, which may enhance abuse potential”)…

If I understand this correctly… does the use of Acetyl Pyrazine make our vape more addictive? Or in other words, if people use vaping to quit smoking and eventually vaping, should they avoid this? Should brands of e-liquids in other words, mention that this is an addictive substance found in their e-liquids?


The short answer is no lol. There’s no evidence at all that nicotine outside of combustible tobacco is addictive. It’s the combination of additives,enhancers and other chemicals, coupled with nicotine, that’s added to tobacco that makes it addictive.
The quantities used in e-juice is so minute compared to tobacco that it’s pretty much insignificant, as is the case for diacetyl too.


That was well done.


Don’t know terrible much about the whole chemistry and I can’t speak for anybody other than myself, but I know that I am addicted to nicotine. If I can’t vape for long periods of time, I get the same symptoms I would get when I couldn’t smoke.

Cigarettes (and nicotine salts?) also contain other chemicals that increase the addictive properties of nicotine, and it might be much easier to lower your nicotine intake or completely stop, by using vape instead of tobacco, but that doesn’t mean that nicotine isn’t addictive on its own.

Also it has been know for many years that nicotine addiction to a large degree depends on your genes. Some can smoke for many years without getting physically addicted whereas others can get highly addicted in a relative short time.

The video contains some good information, though not many details. But the problem is that they go further in their conclusions than there is scientifically basis for, which quite honestly doesn’t help anybody.


I kinda have to agree with this… but I think it’s a little more complicated than this. If I get an urge and I vape 0mg juice, I’m good for a while. On the other hand, if I keep vaping 0mg juice, I’m still going to get that urge for something more after a while.
And, when I have to cope with stress, I notice that my regular 3mg liquids are lacking just a little. I should really have a juice for those situations with a bit of extra nic but instead I just vape a lot more until I calm down.


I do that. I have a couple mouth to lung devices that I keep with 12mg nic. I really like it the most when I first wake up. I get a nice thump in the back of my throat. I take a good five to 10 healthy hits and aaahhhhh…


I have PD and find no benifit vaping (or smoking) other than nicotine relaxes me. It does not reduce my tremors or make any changes in my cognitive function. I subohm 9 mg and occasionally low ohm 28 mg in my pods. I had great difficulty stopping smoking, but I think I could more easily quit vaping.


All I can think to say is… Wow. Maybe it take more nicotine for aliens?


I think that is it, I like that nicotine buzz, if I reduce nic I have to vape a whole lot more. My wife just changed to 6, not me :slight_smile: