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Nicotine color?


Agree here too, this is why I don’t buy nic suspended in vg. And for sure @robin, you need a titration kit! They are pretty simple to use, and can help you to ensure that you’re getting what you’re paying for and mixing what you think you are! VG is not an excellent carrier (this is why steeping is a thing) and you really have to shake the shit out of it (think paint mixer kind of shaking), and then shake it more. If you are storing it in the fridge or freezer, you have to let it warm up too before you shake it, or hot spots are a definite thing. Be safe and keep at it!


Thank you. Yes. I’m definitely going to order their sample bottle. I have not heard or read one review that tells me otherwise. Long term I would definitely have to budget for it if, but I would definitely pay more money for quality vs quantity.



The pinkish color can sometimes occur when pure nicotine is purged with nitrogen. Some nicotines turn very dark brown, out stays more transparent but has a pinkish hue.

Nitrogen is used as a way to replace oxygen in the bottles to stop the oxidation process.

I know it is a little different but I can assure you the a titration test and a HPLC test will show this nicotine is of quality and perfect for any DIY or manufacturing.


That is exactly correct :slight_smile:


ok thank you