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Nicotine color?


I purchased a 120 ml bottle of 100 mg. Ive always purchased nic from nicotine river and it was always clear. I tried a different vendor and this nic is a light champagne pink color. Has anyone ever had nic this color. ?

Is my nicotine a bit off?

Is this the company?

Liquid Nicotine WholeSalers

If so, I found this thread on Reddit
LNW Nicotine Oxidized


Yes Thank you.


My nicotine has turned pink like that when it starts to oxidize. I’d be wary of nic that came looking like that.


Welcome. Looks like many people have noted the same things on the thread. Besides Nic River I know that many have recommended to me the nicotine from Carolina Xtraction (it’s on the higher tier as far as price). “Top quality as far as purity and a clean taste”. I’m putting in an order for the 120 ml sample next month.


Yes i agree i tried a tiny bit and its way to harsh and gave me a headache. Could be the nic or i may just need to hydrate more. I dunno. :frowning:


What’s the base? PG or VG?

Also… have you purchasd a nicotine titration kit yet? :thinking:


Its 100% VG. and no i havent purchased a titration kit yet. Maybe i should invest in one.


If the nicotine has oxidized, does this mean its no good ?


No, it could still be good. Nicotine will darken as it oxidizes (higher percentage = darker liquid when oxidized).
You’ll notice it in mixes too. A 3mg mix might turn a light amber, whereas a 12mg mix would turn a darker brown. They are the same percentages as far as flavor, PG/VG, but different Nic levels.
Tritating is highly recommended, even if you’ve always ordered from the same vendor. Think of it as a spot-check for quality. Oxidizing over time can also lead to lower nic levels than what was originally packaged.


Ok thanks. Ive always ordered from nic river and the nic was always clear so i wasnt sure.


As well as possibly a harsher throat hit.


I have always used a PG base with my nic. Early on, I remember reading in other forums where nic in VG bases had a slight pinkish hue and those in PG had a golden hue (and vice versa!) when exposed to oxygen.

My thoughts are… the nic is probably just fine. I wouldn’t be that concerned with the color just yet. Heck, I have +/- year and a half old nic (freezer stored) that’s a deep golden color; it still titrates out to 100mg/ml with no problem and has no off taste at 6 to 9mg/ml in my mixes (VapersTek/Chemnovatic nicotine).

Please do! I know we all WANT to trust the folks who sell us our product… however, everyone can have a bad day at work and screw the pooch; it can happen to anyone… including at companies that package/bottle our flavors and nicotine. There have been a number of Reddit shit storms in the past over this issue!

Protect yourself and get a titration kit… test your nic for accuracy… peace of mind is a good thing.

I can tell you for a fact… people have received nicotine from certain vendors which titrated out close to 180mg/ml, when the concentration was supposed to be 100mg/ml. It’s happened before and will probably happen again.

It’s a long thread read… 2012 til today, but you can glean a lot of good info out of this thread below… you can also use the word search feature to get yourself closer to specific posts.


I’ve had VG nic with that colour and it was perfectly all right. I used up all 500 ml and it wasn’t harsh or bad.


Ok thank you, although mine is very very harsh. I diluted it down to 3 mg as i always do with my 100 mg nic and its very strong.


Maybe dilute it even more. Did you shake the shit out of it, VG is pretty thick and if not shaken properly you might get a hotspot and get way more nicotine than usual.
You said you got a headache which is a sign of too much nicotine. To me that says either hotspot or your nicotine is stronger than it says on the bottle.
You should get a testing kit as suggested to make sure.


One of my bottles ended up having a very slight amber color at the very last 10 to 15% of it, but I’m sure that was oxidation I had had it for about 18 months before I opened it.

And yes it was stored in the freezer, I won’t say what brand but I will say that it was NOT from Nicotine River


That slight pink shade means that it was exposed to nitrogen at some point in the extraction and the nicotine and VG are reacting with it. See Carolin Xtract’s FAQ (very last entry) for a little more. To me it doesn’t look too badly oxidized if at all, but you won’t know until you try it. There’s likely nothing wrong with it at all, but if it tastes peppery then it is oxidized.


I remember reading about the nitrogen exposure somewhere before, but can’t quite put my finger on exactly where. :thinking: However, it would make sense that nicotine could/would be exposed to such elements if they were dispensed from containers/tanks/vessels such as this:

Quoting CXTC: “Sealed vessels allow you to dispense the product using Nitrogen, 5.0 ARGON, CO2/Nitrogen mixed gas, or beverage-grade CO2 into mixing beakers or directly into large mix tanks under gas blanket.”

…thus the exposure to nitrogen. :wink:

I love a bit of research. :grinning:


Carolina Extraction has been my preferred nic for awhile now. I know that it’s pricier, but the quality is definitely there. They argon seal their bottles and all of that. I’ve heard good things about nic select, but have never had a reason to switch.