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Nicotine handling and care


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@SuperDave721 Pretty much everything @woftam said.

I personally cannot stress enough to BREAK it down into smaller bottles (amber glass with conical seals), and for me, I top them almost all the way to the top and keep in the freezer. As stated, air/heat/sunlight are the baddies here.

As far as the safety thing, I’m probably NOT the safest mixer out there, and I only use 100mg NIC. When I first started out, I would cut down my 1L bottles into smaller 60ml bottles. I used gloves, and goggles, and still do. I don’t own a hazmat suit, but I guess it couldn’t hurt. I would say even with mid level NIC, gloves and at least glasses or goggles should be used. When I’m mixing however (only a 60ml bottle of 100mg NIC) I don’t use gloves or goggles, as I’m only using a syringe, so even if a spill happened, would be small amount.


I once spilt 72mg/ml nicotine all over my hand while mixing (it was dripping off me), I waited a good 10mins before wiping it off with some kitchen towel, I had a mix to finish! Long story short, nothing happened. I felt perfectly fine, I didn’t die, I don’t think :thinking: but the proper way is the way to go, like others have suggested, had it gone in my eyes I would have been panicking all the way to the fridge to get another beer before I was permanently blinded but a little bit of nic on the hand is worth 2 in a bush or something…

I guess what I’m trying to say is, be wary but don’t be over cautious or nervous using nicotine as that can cause its own set of problems.

As for storage, I keep my bottle in a sealable bag in the kitchen medicine cupboard, I’ve had no issues with it going bad.

Oh, I dispense mine with a 1ml throw away pipette :+1:


This makes the most sense to me and is my experience. I know what I’m playing with so I’m careful to be alert and aware but becoming worried only makes me clumsy and forgetful.


thank u 4 your time and input.
All ideas and thoughts are appreciated!


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