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Nicotine increase, anyone?


Just last week I decided to up my nic level for the very same reason. I’ve been at 1mg for around 18 months of the 2 years I’ve been vaping. I’ve also been trying to find out the reasons why so many vapers aim to get to 0mg. It’s a fascinating question to me and a lot of times the people I’ve asked don’t even know why they’re dropping their nic strength, they just think that’s what you do.


Really sorry to hear about your dog. I hope you’re doing okay.


I have been vaping 2mg for almost two years (RDA and RDTA DL) but over the last couple months I have been over-dripping the Nic when I’m mixing a recipe (Ooops and a little extra) It’s like the brain-nicotine receptors are controlling my hand. I might go back up to 3mg… and vape a little less (uh huh :wink: )


I am the same way sometimes vaguely intentional on some of my adv’s.

But at night on my final vape I am really likeling an open mtl vape with higher nic. Just a nice slow vape session.


While I was actually referring to regular ol’ tobacco, that’s a damn impressive win streak.


I was a chain smoker anyway which immediately translated to my vaping. I dropped down to 4.5 now for the last two years and will probably stay there. Just for grins, I knew how many hits I took off a cigs a day (one failed effort to quit) and compared it to the hit counter on my mod. Damn if I wasn’t pretty much the same.


@Harlan_Grey two things are true here… the bloodstream wants it’s addiction, but the Psyche wants it’s oral satisfaction. Diff’rent Strokes…


That’s what you call it, eh? "Psyche’? Mine’s just Charlie.


How much of this is also related to “Hand to Mouth” habits ?


ok three things :wink:


Oh I bet there is some hand to mouth going on. Lol. Couldn’t resist. But seriously. Yeah that’s why I still vape. 1.5mg is just enough and vaping is my stress reducer and stop thinking activity.


Well, I am left handed.


For me it’s the problem of getting hold of nicotine - 18 mg/ml means having to stock alot of the stuff, using 100mg nic base means a ‘few drops’ and plenty of room in the freezer. Getting hold of 100 mg nic base is getting harder to do though here in TPD land…


i have a few 10 nic tanks and rdas when i need a hit of nic and the rest are 0 nic i find the combination of both works for me


I’m considering going back up from 8 to 18 I too am vaping a lot and feel like I need a higher nic


Back to 6mg in an Aspire Nautilus MTL tank, needed a little something, something


I’m thinking about making a Shake n Vape right now with 12 nic I worked my way down from 18 to 8 mg of nic but I am vaping a lot, I slowly worked my way down from 18 decreasing 2 mgs at a time to 8 been at 8 for at least six months but it doesn’t satisfy my needs I am a vaper who needs the nic it’s keeping me off cigarettes for over two and a half years but lately I have even had dreams about buying a pack of cigarettes(literally) I smoked for over 45 years and I never want to go back so me, increasing my nic may be a necessity may be it’s all in my head I don’t know it might just be in my head. I am not at concerned vaping less to save money on vaping ingredients I could care less about that I just don’t to go back to cigarettes period!


You may find a more powerful device or higher wattage helps you out more as vapour equals more nic (not that there’s anything wrong with increasing nic) just a different angle.


It’s worth a try Thanks Woftam