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Nicotine increase, anyone?


This article talks a little about the use of nicotine, how many people start off high and usually drop their nicotine use over time.

I recently increased the level of nicotine in my juices, not because I changed my setup but because I was vaping too much and it wasn’t all that satisfying anymore.

I started off with 12mg (MTL device) moved to subohm (Vaporesso Target Pro) after about a month, lowering the nicotine to 6mg and a month or 2 later, I was dripping dual coil RDAs and went straight to 3mg.
It annoyed me that I would be constantly vaping, much more than I used to smoke cigarettes so I tried increasing the nic in my juices up to 5mg and I can say it’s much more satisfying. I feared getting a lot of nicotine highs but so far none.
It’s a lot more fun being able to put my mod down for a while and be able to do something with my hands.


I think this is a danger of vaping, it’s very easy to just vape all day at low nic levels or even 0nic a little 6mg hit now and again keeps things fresh and interesting


I don’t necessarily vape for the nic delivery system aspect. I use it, sure, but I like vaping all day, personally. I’d actually hate getting nic’ed out and have to put it down. It is my little shiny friend.


I currently have vaporized juices with 3mg of nicotine in a DL atomizer, and I start to get a bit fed up having the need to vaporize all the time …
Lately I have vaping at night in a mod with MTL atomizer with 6mg. and I’m liking this alternative … :wink:


I’ve been working towards 0 nic for a while now, but I still keep a tobacco-flavored juice handy with twice my current nicotine level for those times that I get the smoking urge. A couple of toots of that, and my desire to smoke goes away in a tasty cloud(Or twelve…) I still get the rare urge to suck down a cigarette, so it helps keep me away from the real thing.


I’ve been vaping 3mg/ml for years but I had to bring my last remaining dog to the vet 3 weeks ago for her last journey.
I’ve been pretty miserable and stressed out since and upped my nicotine to 6mg/ml.
No nicotine rush or anything but it helps with the stress. My intake has stayed the same though., but I’m not a heavy vaper at all. 10 to 15ml max a day.


I went back up from 3 to 4.5 for the same reason as you.


I never experienced that issue. Started at 3mg moved up to 4.5mg, back down to 3mg and then lowered quite often, without vaping more or all day.

I’m at 1mg now, but planning on 0mg pretty soon.


Are you planning to quit vaping too or just stick with 0mg?


Stick with 0mg. I mix still for my friends that made the switch. Others I still try to convince lol. I need to know what stuff tastes like and I’m always happy to help on the forum etc. Couldn’t do that without knowing how it tastes, what it is etc. No worries I’ll stick around :wink:


I still vape 1.5mg on my dual coil setups. But lately have been mixing my Kayfun and other single coils rtas mixes with 10mg nic salt.

Sadly i can taste the difference because my wattage is around 35 with a round wire ss316l build…so I need to keep working on it.

But I do enjoy the 10mg nic push. I could never vape at 4-6mg with normal nic select freebase. It would kill my throat.


Haven’t upped my nicotine levels at anytime, but I have been a bit careful with not lowering it too much at a time, in order to avoid just increasing the amount I vape.

Started at 18mg with an MTL device and now a 4mg, reduced in many increment as the cloud size went up. The only outright reduction per puff was from 6 to 4mg, and that did cause me to vape a bit more, so I think I’m kind of stuck at 4mg now :confused: :neutral_face:


I’m just wondering why “everybody” (I just mean a lot of people) is aiming for the 0mg…
Nicotine, as evidence from research is showing, is not the worst compound in our e-cigs. It’s actually fairly harmless (in most conditions) and vapers don’t really seem to have an issue with the components that we know little of for long term effects, i.e. flavors/flavor enhancers, the metals we use and what type of device we use.

Heck, I never even meant to quit smoking, it just so happened that I didn’t have a need for tobacco anymore after buying a decent e-cig. I quit quitting smoking years ago after the failure of the so manieth attempt. But hey, if I can reduce the harm to myself and others around me, I’m all for it :slight_smile:
So going down to 0mg has never really been a target for me. I basically reduced nicotine to get rid of the nic highs that I got from high nic juices. I do care more about the health benefits these days so increasing nicotine and reducing my vaping habit seems a bit more logical. And it’s also nice not to have a mod in my hands 24/7. I can sit down now for a couple hours, drive a car or go for a walk and have both of my hands available again.


I’m not doing this for the purpose of avoiding nicotine, or if nicotine is harmful or isn’t. I could care less about that to be quite honest.

It’s more a personal goal/achievement and I’m having a lot of these lately, not going much into detail here.

I also enjoy my mixes without nicotine much more, I know it’s silly because I vape only 1mg, but there’s a flavor difference between 0 and added nic.

Some might not notice it, but I’m weird so that’s together with personal goal, the main reason for me to drop the nicotine.


For me it’s reducing and removing nicotine dependence. While at 3mg I found that I still had urges. And 1.5mg I have a desire to vape but can go without for long periods of time. In my current work setup I need to be able to go for 4-5 hours without a vape.


If I’ve not said it already… Sorry to hear. =(


I’m so sorry for your loss-It’s always hard to lose a loved member of your tribe, be they two-footed or four-footed and floofy.

It sounds weird to say, but kudos to recognizing the signs of stress and looking for an alternative to more destructive habits. Much like the pain of loss, the stress will lessen as you adjust.

Hugs to you and love to your home.


I wasn’t planning on returning to those. 36 years off of harddrugs is not something to throw away because things aren’t going so great.
I’m sure she wouldn’t want me to do that either.


I don’t want to be nitpicking here but there’s a big confusion about hard drugs. It is not because certain things are legal that they’re not a hard drug. Hard drugs are drugs that cause a physical addiction, alcohol and nicotine are sadly included on the list.

That being said, I think I know what you mean and congrats to that :wink:


What up! 6mg is where I started a year ago. Now a days I like to mix at all different percentages. 0-6mg sometimes I don’t even label the nic lvl. Keeps me guessing. But sometimes I need my 6mg base with no flavour. I’m like most now and have more than one juice on the go at anytime.