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Nicotine or CBD?


It occurs to me that with all the theoretical benefits of the CBD oils, I am considering simply swapping out nicotine in its 100mg strength for CBD oil. ANyone tried this? I know the taste is probably going to be an issue…anyone know how to offset this?


Well, it is oil so it won’t combine well with the rest of the mix.


This will prob be worth a read



thanks Lolly


yeah, most of my friends vape it “pure” so…I was just wondering if another option had come up in the last year. I have been out of the loop.


It works fine. I live in Washington State so we can get CBDs or THC legally. A friend that had been taking prescribed speed for ADHA for years, his doctor told him to get a medical card, is using marijuana now to control it. It works better than speed ever did. Vaping a THC tincture with zero nic ejuice makes a fine way to go. Make him a juice 60%Vg in the flavors he likes and he uses a Baby Beast or a RDA.

Even make the tincture, 10 to 11 grams of bud makes 4 onces of tincture.

I live in a retirement community there are a lot of people that had been taking pain medication, since putting together a mod and atty for my friend a number of others have asked to be setup. There is a lot less opiates being used now days.

Like I said it is legal where we live, not encouraging anyone into breaking the law.


Be sure to cook the raw herbs to release the active ingredient,
Eating flowers does little, eating brownies made of flowers is good.

Make sure here that you are obedient,
Buy the flowers at a dispensary and not in the hood.


Absolutely correct you do need to decarboxylate the herb by baking at 240 degrees for 50 to 60 minuets prior to adding to VG. We do have the advantage of buying herb that has been tested for purity and % when it is legal in your state.


CBD oil is legal in all 50 states.


i live up in anacortes , from tacoma where about do you live


I’m from Tacoma but live in Federal Way now.
Stay warm and dry. :wink:


yeah as far as I understand it the CBD is perfectly legal in all 50 states as it has 0 THC. I live in Florida where they still hang you for marijuana possession unfortunately, but they sell the CBD oil in all the Vape stores and head shops. OK, so I exaggerated a little…no more hangings 'round these parts, but Florida likes to keep its prison population at max so…any little lapse in judgement can get you locked up here, depending on the county and the judge etc etc.

They DID just legalize medical marijuana by a slim margine but so long as Rick Scott (aka Voldemort – just look at him VERY closely then imagine he has no nose…!!BAM!! it’s freakin’ Voldemort hisself) is our beloved Guv’nah. Not much in the way of intelligent or progressive thinking is going to take place here.

I don’t even use marijuana recreationally, medicinally or any other way…that’s the thing. Our battleground is made of pragmatic reality. Our ammunition is common sense. Unfortunately I feel that we are losing. But that’s not the topic here…I don’t mean to stir the pot. (< see what I did there?) OK…one more quick stir, then I’m done here…

But in all fairness, with the opioid use at “epidemic” proportions (their word not mine) I would think they would happily bring in another option. Unfortunately, insofar as I can tell, when the jailers own all the jails they like to keep 'em full, and when they also own all the hospitals (or their wives do in this case) they like to keep people sick.

Thanks for all your input folks, I do appreciate it…trying to eliminate some of the poisons I’ve been ingesting for years (nicotine etc etc) or at least replace them with stuff that’s less harmful. Vaping was a HUGE step a couple years ago. Now I just have to take it to the next level. I enjoy it so much though, not sure I’ll ever want to stop vaping…we’ll see.

Everyone have a blessed New Year! Thanks again!