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Nicotine River discount no longer works... other Nicotine choices?


What if it was 1lb so 400ml - 500ml?


I think what he is shooting for is making our gallon purchases i.e. PG, VG, and nic a little more inviting by alleviating the shipping costs. Am I close, Grant?


Oh I agree @Whiterose0818 Of course we all would like free shipping… who wouldn’t. I think (and I know people may be mad at me for saying this) … the best thing to do would look at what the average purchases are in weight that the company has been doing then make a decision based off of that figure after including a slightly higher weight to entice that average person to purchase a slightly more amount of a product(s) to achieve the free shipping threshold.

EDIT: I normally would fall in the lower order… and would hardly ever get the free shipping… but for me that is just what I know I’ll have to live with.


Please try again and see what the rates show now? Does Fedex Ground popup?


@dwdh586 @Whiterose0818 @Nicotine_River and @ anyone/everyone…
I have said it many times on ELR [and other social media] when I see this pop up…
So many of us KNOW that we can trust Grant and his and Scott’s crew, and when something OUT OF THE ORDINARY
happens like this, simple, just give them a call…and zap ! ,it will be fixed…do it whille your order is on your screen.

@Whiterose0818 knows exactly what I’m saying, and if you can’t trust him…who can you trust ?
NR’s customer service is second to NONE !!!

I have never paid more than $8.50+/- for any order from NR for FedEx ground…and if you don’t see an option for FedEx ground, call them before you order.

Call them if you have a problem, I promise you they don’t bite…even growl…and more-so than 99% of all customer service I have spoken with, they [NR] ALWAYS have time for you.

5 star service? Nope, not enough stars.


Essential Depot 2 gallons VG or one and one for like 40 bucks free shipping


Very well said.


So the 1lb - 25lb would allow us to offer the same deal as Essential Depot - 2 gallons is 20lbs so it would fall into that.

Thank you!


I just placed an order and Fedex ground did not show up, but USPS priority mail 3 day did. And thats what I used.
But I ship to a post office box.

Tried a sample shipment and this time USPS first class mail showed up also


I haven’t ordered from anyone but NR for three or four months, but I always keep my ears open for a backup just incase. I have to shop bargains being on a fixed income. Grant and Everyone at NR has always been far more than outstanding


I think any kind of free shipping option would be super incredible! I need some nicotine… :wink:


No No I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to help Grant with his quest to figure out whats up with his shipping quotes.

NR is outstanding!!!


One question any combination to equal the minimum of 2lbs would be free shipped or just the PG, VG and Nic?


I didn’t mean it to sound that way I was just saying I always try and keep an eye out for good deals. I didn’t think you were complaining at all. Sorry for the confusion


Anything together as long as it was over 2lbs :slight_smile: Flavors, Labware, Chemicals, Bottles



FedEx Ground is still MIA, same order… no option.


Grant, when are you going to add this shipping option? :grin:


I appreciate the update - support is still working on it.


Hey Grant, I’ve sent you 3 emails , figured you were on vacation or something, one on the shipping issues. Saw your here, for my 2 cents worth and I’m sure most others will agree, the free shipping option would be incredibly helpful!


Just made the free shipping options live. As long as the order is between 1lb and 25lb free shipping will apply :slight_smile: