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Nicotine River discount no longer works... other Nicotine choices?


It’s live :slight_smile:


Looks like it works now my friend, if it doesn’t please try a different browser.

Let me know and thank you!


Thank you Grant, order sent with a smile


Personally I would have to buy at least 16 bottles of 30ml flavoring to get to free shipping option. I, like a lot of people, are on a budget. I only can afford 4-6 bottles at a time mostly, so the 10% discount works better for me. I don’t go through VG or Nicotine enough to make it worth it. So I won’t qualify for the free shipping nor a discount now.

Does everyone else order larger quantities for personal use? I usually only 4-6 flavors a month to restock what I run out of or try a new flavor.


For me, I use these guys for their excellent Nicotine and VG and PG, on the occasion some flavors as well. I hear you on the budget though, I had to beg on bended knee to get this expenditure approved.


I have only done a few orders so far, but ive gotten bottles, pg, and nicotine. Given my situation now, things are becoming harder to get here so i may be doing more thru NR as theyve assured me thru email theyll still ship to me… Now i can get some bottles and nicotine and pg and add in some flavors ive been wanting to try with the money saved on shipping :slight_smile:


Nice job grant. Thanks for takin by care of the DIY family. I’ll add you to my list of future venders (the list is very very short) :family_man_woman_girl_girl:.


I have to note that I recently put together an order at NicRiver, and went to pay for it, and then stopped when the shipping was 50% of the order. Like $59 worth of stuff and $29 was the cheapest shipping that came up.

I placed that order elsewhere - of course - but I’m glad to see this thread. I seriously thought that a whole bunch of you were nuts for ordering through NR… I will try NR for my next order now that I see this brought up.


Is there a way the free shipping applies to main components, and still offer the 10% on flavorings?

@MysticRose did bring up a good point, and I certainly would not like others who take advantage of this benefit to lose it as well.

Just putting it out there…


A gallon of VG lasts me 8-9 months or more, so I will be able to use the free shipping then. But they do offer good prices on a lot of their products. Sounds like most people are happy with the free shipping option. I’m thinking a free shipping option for a certain amount spent would be more customer friendly, similar to what other companies use, rather than weight based.

I am thankful Grant is offering the shipping and working with people. I am just sad to lose the 10% discount as most of my orders won’t qualify for anything now.


What about something like- 10% discount code for total order, OR- free shipping by weight(if within required range 1-25lbs), whichever is more saving? Then both sides of the issue can be happy as it could just be an option either-or, customer choice, but not both. Like if a code is used- no free shipping, if free shipping- no code used. @Nicotine_River @MysticRose @dwdh586


That would be an excellent solution, great suggestion!

Not sure if it’s doable in their system, but would be awesome if so.


Not to say all will be fixed for everyone with a magic wand, but just a suggestion…
Write your needs down, save your budget pennies, then order every other month for supplies…
if you can get ahead of the curve.


Yes, Grant doesn’t have to change anything, that is not my intent. I am simply stating for my particular needs, his may not be the best solution for me anymore. I may very well be in the minority here, I was just adding my opinion and thoughts on it along with everyone else. There may be others in my same situation and the way they shop for flavor, or not. But since this is the place we all share, I am speaking only for myself and any others that may not have weighed in yet.

There are many vendors out there, and we all have reasons why one works better for us than others.

Not to detract from Nicotine River, they are an awesome company with great customer service.


This might be a feasible solution too, as long as I don’t run myself completely out of something. Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:


I want to simply give kudos to @Nicotine_River for even attempting to try to work this out.
It says a lot about integrity. Most places just say take it or leave it… it’s just what you get.
I am sure that a business needs to make a profit, to remain in business…I struggled pretty hard
for 43yrs, made profits, and ended in bankruptcy at the end [paying off ALL of my debtors].
Being nice is one thing, staying in business being nice takes a ton of effort and serious planning.
Jus’ sayin’…


True @ozo even if @Nicotine_River never gave discounts or suggestions or contributed in any fashion at all… I would like to give them kudos for joining up on the forum, and chatting to us about a topic we are all interested in. It is pretty nice for someone to step up to the plate and be willing to take fire for order problems or willing to at least listen to non-customers that may just be window shopping. Personally I think that is nice, sure I like discounts or hearing about a special, but even if things like that happened only in the vendor area of the forum, @Nicotine_River has involved themselves in the forum much more than just as a sales point of view… at least imho


Very true, i have seen Grant join in general conversation from time to time, much like Walt does, also. It is refreshing to see companies joining in with the community in that way. Makes it more personable and definitely speaks volumes about the business they run as a whole.


Agreed, Grant is 1 of only 2-3 vendors that interacts with us regularly, as well as constantly striving to continually improve, even with his already great customer service. He’s definitely a rare bird, and I do appreciate that!


I totally share your opinion, Brother.
If you have ever spoken to them on the phone [ @Nicotine_River ] , not just because there was a problem, but just questions…they are always there and don’t punk you out and rush you off. How many businesses can claim that honestly.

I am a Southerner, but more-so a Texan Coon-ass by birth. It may not mean shit to anyone, but family, and your word,…are the only major achievements in life,…the rest is just the other part of your life…the part(s) that come and go. I don’t trust many people at my age now [74 on Sept 11 2016] …but I trust @Nicotine_River…'nuff said.