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Nicotine River discount no longer works... other Nicotine choices?


yeah i will, i understand


Sorry to hear that. Just remember. We all have bad days. Some days you can catch someone on their best of days and sometimes on their worst.

I have been staring across the room at @Nicotine_River for a very long time. I haven’t herd anything bad about their customer service. Which goes along way because when something bad happens you see the flurry of poopy posts. Trust me…another vendor lately has been getting hammered regarding their website performance.

Hope this can work it’s self out. And like mentioned earlier by another positive poster. I too have zero affiliation with them. Heck I’ve never order…just been staring…waiting and planning.


That is what i am wondering. NicotiveRiver, any new codes we can use?


as of now they do not have any codes , but a lot of their items are priced lower than most even with a 6 to 10 pct discount so the bottom line price is very good


Last I ordered from liquid barn, a week ago or so and orders over $50 ship free, got it in just days. They have NicSelect and USA NIC, the USA NIC is IMO a bit better.


1 liter nicselect 100mg

LB 90$
NR 60$

you do the math , LB has to do free shipping on like items just to make it competitive , like i said NR bottom line with no codes or free shipping is usually better


I never thought I’d see the day that I would choose ECX over NR, but I really had no choice. I’m wondering if NR jumped the gun on their shipping policy because I haven’t seen any other vendors that has that shipping policy yet.

Nic River



Damn, that’s a pretty big difference


Yep, the shipping was a killer for this order.


Wow they may have jumped the gun damn no bueno


The FAA and DOT will fine you heavily for shipping flammable liquids like that through the air. As you can see their shipping policies are not similar to ours in any way due to the fact that we have been fined for doing such a thing and they have not. We changed our policies because everyone in this industry has a target on their back by the FAA and DOT for illegal transportation of goods. Flammable flavors and Nicotine above 48mg is required to ship a specific way ultimately resulting in the shipping charges being more than regular. We are expecting everyone in this industry to soon comply with what the FAA and DOT state. Shipping throughout the industry will rise and will become the normal due to these regulations that must be implemented. Although it is more expensive, it is legal.


well why did you guys have to go get caught shame on you lol jk :wink:


are you guys trying to make your pur line to where you dont have those problems ???


Haha we had no idea that the goods were illegal! However, it is what it is.

In regards to Purilum, very few flavors will be flammable (for future reference). Shipping on practically all of Purilum won’t require any flammable shipping specifications. We’re doing our best to avoid the flammable flavor issue we keep stumbling across with other flavors we resell!

We do hope that you all understand our complications in regards to the shipping costs.

If you have any questions please let us know!


i hear ya , its all good it is what it is i believe you have our support ( at least mine ) but i think everyone elses as well enjoy whats left of the weekend


Thank you for the support!

By the way that Honeydew Melon by Purilum sure does smell quite fantastic. Our team has yet to try the taste however, we believe you’ll be satisfied haha

Have a good weekend Fidalgo!


im more than willing to test that for you :wink:


my last shipment of sodium metal came via airplane


i just made an order for a liter of 3mg nicotine from nicotine river and they charged me $11 shipping. that’s pretty ridiculous imo. i looked on the website and didn’t see any free shipping offers. does anyone know if they offer free shipping bc $11 shipping on a $12 item is not going to be happening anymore.


I don’t know if this is the answer you seek, if not look furter up in this thread and you will find a lot of information