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Nicotine River discount no longer works... other Nicotine choices?


W NR it’s the $14 for the gallon plus the $20 shipping not just $20 total
and done sorry if I left that out or typed it a little off lol was in a
rush typing


I get my Essential Depot VG and PG from Amazon (Prime), free shipping. I haven’t had to restock nic since before this went down a few weeks ago. I still plan on getting my nic from NR, though.


I get bored with the same discussion over and over and over…
If you have a better choice for you individually, just do it,use it,
order it, buy it, nail it, pull the trigger on it, just STOP yapping about it
to everyone why, when, how, who, what,…get some and go
peacefully on your sojourn.
Don’t come on the @Nicotine_River thread, or use them in as a backboard
to whine and complain how NR is NOT meeting your needs.

For those of us that understand the value that @Nicotine_River provides
us overall, how they listen and do their utmost to adjust…to the market,
to the ELR community, to our wallets, there is little left to compare.

If it doesn’t fit your mindset…cool…do your own thing, no possible need
to tell everyone why you are gonna take you ball and bat and go home.

This is still America, and you still have many [limited] freedoms left, thanks
to those that took the insoluble oath to protect them. Use your freedom to
shop where you wish, and leave the negativity completely out of the equation,
and out of the replies.
If you have a good suggestion, participate with it…use the bad reviews for
serious matters that can save people from making mistakes, not to complain
about your feelings.


We understand everyone’s frustration. If a flammable flavor is in your cart it MUST be shipped UPS Ground. If any nicotine is over 48mg it MUST be shipped UPS Ground. These are FAA regulations and will be implemented throughout the entire industry by everyone. Eventually all companies must conform to these regulations or they will be fined heavily ($60,000-$100,000) usually if caught by the FAA. Generally our shipping prices were normal and fairly great however, due to these regulations we’ve changed our shipping in which the prices have spiked slightly. We are working on having these shipping rates become more accurate and hopefully to be lowered in the near future. We do apologize for any inconveniences we have caused among you all. If you have any questions or concerns with our company or how we ship please call us: 805-791-3304. Or just reply here and we will get back to you ASAP! Thank you! :slight_smile:


i understand that you guys care and because your customer service is ahead of the class you reply to complaints , first off id like to say thank you for all you guys do , never has a company LISTENED to its customers as close as you guys do , we asked for INAWERA and you got it , we asked for smaller bottles we got them , so IMO those who are rattled because they cant get free shipping anymore thats crap If anyone thought it would last forever thats on them there is NO reason a company should give free shipping on an order of VG and a couple flaves other wise that company wont last there is not enough of a profit in it to ship orders like that for free NOT SAYING THOSE ORDERS ARE NOT IMPORTANT just saying that when NR ships a gallon of VG and a few flaves im sure the are not profiting and regarding the discount yes it makes us feel special to get 10 off but not everyone does that and if they do they dont do it for everything they carry , im rambling now so ill stop but IMO you guys are great and for thw most part i think the DIY community understands your situation TY


I agree completely with @ozo comments. I can only comment on my own financial situation, did NR discount codes help…ABSOLUTELY! Did the free shipping help…God YES !!! But, I’ve had the privilege to speak with Grant personally ( via phone) a few times and so far in the year I’ve been DIY’ing I have placed a couple dozen orders with NR and will continue to do so!!! It’s very helpful for me to save $ when possible, but like the old saying, “You get what you pay for”. And my opinion (for what it’s worth) Nicotine Rivers pricing, processing, shipping and Customer Service is UNBEATABLE! I will continue to be a loyal customer, just EVEN MORE frustrated with our SORRY A*# lawmakers.


Hey thank you for your response as always you guys are super dependable. I just ordered a couple of things the other day and the shipping was priced the same with or without hazmat products for some reason. I wanted to let you know though since you guys are trying to get things going w the new changes and def looking forward to doing my big order w u guys next month. The only thing I might not get is the vg lol but only bc of the deal going and taking a chance since shipping is about the same now as EO. I luv you guys customer service and products and honestly scared to even order vg from other places bc you guys are the only place I don’t get odd flavors off of the vg/pg and no peppery taste from the nic. I ordered from so many places b4 finding u guys and thankfully have good nic I hate the pepper flavor from alot of companies. Keep up the good work and just wanted to let you guys know because that’s the best way you guys know anything is feedback. Also wanted to ask would it be best in your opinion to make the order in 2 parts as far as 1 with the hazmat items and the other with non hazmat when I do the big order or will it matter that you know of. I’m just not sure if all would be shipped by the same system either way or not. Thank you for your time and efforts for us 4real.


Thank you ! Consolidating everything into one box will save you money on shipping rather than putting them in two boxes!


Any new codes?


they do not have any discount codes available right now


just gave them a quick call. The guy didn’t even introduce himself. After I gave a proper introduction, he said: “what do you need”. I have talked with many DIY suppliers and have never been treated so rude in my life. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, find something else. They just lost a good customer…@Nicotine_River


Well that’s disappointing


yeah really upset me. Everybody else is so friendly and will work with you. I’m about to purchase from nude nicotine right now. the guy is super nice on the phone and very helpful.


Sorry to hear that my friend, I will figure out who said that and get to the bottom of it.

Thank you


Before you do that, I think you should try to give Nicotine River a chance to remedy the situation. Don’t fault the entire company for the actions of one lazy individual. From everything I’ve heard about Nicotine River this is not the norm with them and I’m sure they’ll do what they can to make it right. Just my $.02 for what it’s worth.


i hope so because i have over 100 dollars worth of things i really need in my cart. i can’t wait too long because everybody else is having a presidents day sale and its very tempting lol


lol I completely understand. When I was managing a guest relations team, people had bad days, you really didn’t know until you heard a call go sideways. What I always did is get that agent off the phone immediately, put them to work doing something else, email complaints, fulfilling compensation etc etc. Then later do a 1 on 1, explain what went wrong, find out why and agree on a solution. The next day another 1 on 1 before you put them back on the phone then monitor their calls more frequently until you’re confident that was just a off day and not a disgruntled employee. In the mean time you make damn sure the guest/customer is taken care of. Contrary to popular belief, the customer is not always right, but they do need to be treated fairly and respectfully. Nicotine River has worked hard to build a solid reputation as a reputable company with a solid record of customer appreciation. That’s not an easy thing to do in this day and age. I’m confident they’ll do what they can to make it right. :slight_smile:

P.S. I didn’t even realize they were having a sale. If only my income tax refund would get here!! lol


My friend please feel free to call anytime during our hours, dial extension 302 and ask for Wes. He will take great care of you and answer any questions you have.

Thank you!


Thank you for the compliments. This most definitely is not normal with our staff and whoever was responsible for these actions will be spoken to.


I seldom comment on a post , but. I have to here. I have NO ties to NR, I’m 3,000 miles from them. With the couple dozen orders I’ve placed with them in the past 10 months, there have been 3 or 4 times I’ve spoke with them on the phone, twice with a question and twice with VERY minor issues. My point is, I have NEVER been treated with more respect or professionalism than with the folks at Nicotine River!
My orders have ranged anywhere from $10 to maybe $50, but you would have thought I spent $1,000 a week with them. I’ve been retired for 10 yrs.
now, but I’m sure GOOD help is still hard to come by.
I would certainly give them another chance. I doubt seriously will regret it.