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Nicotine River discount


Hey guys,

I just got an email from Nicotine River about a new sale. 15% off everything except nicotine!

Discount Code: HALLOWEEN



I just made an order that would have saved me $15 @Nicotine_River with this sale,
but I always save on every order from them.
If @Nicotine_River doesn’t have it, sale or not, then I don’t need it.
The sale is great… I expect nothing less from them.


Except pure nicotine* :slight_smile: all nicotine blends are 15% off as well!

Thank you!


Wow…then I would have saved $21 on the order if I had waited a couple of days.
Great sale, sorry I missed it.


Same boat opposite ends, you buy before I can’t buy till after. lol