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Nicotine River DIY Kit Questions


Nicotine River has put together a DIY Kit with everything you need to start making your own eLiquid. Our DIY kit comes with all the flavors, labware, bottles, bases and instructions you will need to safely and accurately mix your eLiquid recipes. Nicotine River DIY kit is affordable, sensible and arguably the most well rounded kit on the market.

For all DIYers beginning their new journey, please feel free to ask any and all questions on this page. The amazing ELR members will gladly lend some advice and answers.

Thank you!



Can you post a link to the kit?


Kit will be available at the end of the day tomorrow. Beginning to link all the pieces together :slight_smile:


Hmmm. What about a scale?


Since no link, yet, what will be included in this kit? More specifically


Kit will be available at the end of the day tomorrow. Beginning to link all the pieces together

Beginning to link all the pieces together

Beginning to link all the pieces together

Beginning to link all the pieces together

Kit will be available at the end of the day tomorrow.

Kit will be available at the end of the day tomorrow.


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Working on a scale to be added to this kit. Haven’t heard back from and of the scale companies just yet :slight_smile:


This will be the landing page for some of the New DIYrs and New to ELR members.


Very awesome setup for beginners. The only suggestion is that allow them to choose the NIC level. Inform them with a guide on how to use NIC and maybe make it simplified for a beginner on the nic levels by providing a chart on how to get 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Use thus chart for all levels of NIC.

Other than that spot on. Probably one of the best setups that I wish I had when I first got started. Very awesome.


I’m ordering my kit today - working on figuring out which starter flavors I want! I know I can always buy more but I want to be able to make some magic with these!
Thanks to NicRiver for creating this kit!


Thank you thank you :slight_smile: give us a call if you need any questions answered!


It’s late right now so I won’t even try to call but I’m wondering about shipping? I can’t seem to get my kit to qualify for free shipping (surely it weighs over a pound), so I’m wondering if maybe it’s too heavy or you don’t offer that free shipping anymore.
Thank you!


Good evening!

Unfortunately we had to eliminated the free shipping offer for now my friend. We are trying to figure out how we can incorporate it back into our business.

We hope you enjoy the kit and thank you very much!


Understandable, I know the law has been really rough on you guys lately! I placed my order and I’m excited to get started soon! Thanks for the help.


You’re welcome Justice3! :slight_smile:


I love the starter kit, it has everything I could think of needing.
I did run into one dilemma, there is no 50/50 choice for nicotine. Because I mix with a target of 18mg nic, and between 70/30 and 60/40 pg/vg, I have to choose pg nic and will end up using vg 3 to 4 times as much.
There is 1 small error on the kit’s page:
“x15 - 10ml Flavors (Purilum, Lorann, FlavourArt, Flavor Apprentice, Flavor West, Capella)” There are no Lorann choices in the flavor pickers.
Suggestion: for the people wanting a scale, maybe you could offer a choice of a weight or volume packages: scale and pipettes, or graduated cylinder, syringes and needles,


LorAnn is being added today since it’s fairly new we need to update the product :slight_smile:

Also, we’ve looked into scales and nothing really competes with Amazon since they’re so massive and discount everything they sell to practically pennies so unfortunately we will not be carrying any scales in the future for the kits since they’d raise the price dramatically. I do have a recommended scale if you’d like the link!

Thank you for the feedback on the kit though, we appreciate your words and will look into the 50/50 issue! Thank you @MTLvis !! :slight_smile:


Thanks. I will decide what to get flavor wise with help of the most used list on the forum
I personally don’t need a scale, it was just a suggestion since others asked about it. I worked for a large distributor in an unrelated market for decades and when someone mentions bundles my brain automatically goes into “if this, then not that” mode. :wink: