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Nicotine Salts Color


I have been mixing DIY for about 3 years. I just received my first order of nicotine salts. I also ordered freebase nic.

I ordered 32oz of freebase 100mg
And 8oz of Salts
So one of two things happened. Either they sent me 32 of salts and 8 of freebase. OR they switch the stickers on the bottles before sending them out.

Does anyone know how to tell?

Do salts get dark like freebase? Does one get darker faster?

Thanks in advance guys.


My freebase as well as salt is clear. I store my nic in the freezer and keep a smaller bottle in the fridge since I use VG based nic and its a pain in the butt to get to room temperature.
Both still are clear even after months. What you can do is make a 2 or 5ml batch with your VG/pg or whatever you use, put salt in it and freebase in the other, let stand in light for a day or couple days, the bottle that changes it color will be the freebase or darker color if you put it in the sun.

Sorry only way I could tell you to test it. Salt doesn’t change in color or at least not within 24 hrs, since it seems to oxidize either slower or in a different way. Your mixes do stay clear most of the time as well you’ll notice that later.


Thanks for the reply, basically what I currently have is an 8oz bottle of really dark nic and a 32oz bottle of almost clear.

The 8 oz should be the salt. That is what threw me off from opening the box. I am working on getting a picture.

Obviously the stickers on the bottles are wrong. But “what” is wrong is the question.


I would definitely contact the supplier, both don’t look the same as the nicotine I have gotten from NicotineRiver or NudeNicotine. either you clicked something wrong, or they may have made a mistake. You could get an educated guess by checking the PH of the 2 solutions, but the first step for me would be to contact that supplier.


I have contacted the supplier. I am awaiting a response to see what they say. Thank you for the reply.


Salts are clear, if not slightly yellow while freebase becomes red after a time.


I had ordered from them before. There was a problem with the e-juice product and they NEVER replied to my multiple emails (I feel my emails to them were polite and respectful, I even left a phone message to one of their contact phone #'s).
It has been over a year, and still have not received a response !
I’m not holding my breath for one either LOL
I will never order anything from them again.

Good luck in getting your issue resolved. I’d like to know if they respond to you.
Get a nic titration kit and make sure it’s 100mg !!


The nicotine Titration kit @DaveDave mentioned will detect the nicotine in the regular nicotine, but it will fail to detect the nicotine in nicotine salt nicotine base. IDK where you are located but you might want to look into Nicotine River for your next nicotine purchase.


I am going to order one of those kits right now. I see nicotine river sells them. The main reason I order from perfectvape is that they ship to our state. This is the first time I have had a major issue like this. It will most likely be the last time I order from them.


As was said titration won’t work at all on the salt solution nicotine base or liquid.
And the lighter colored liquid is likely to be the salt solution base.
You can find other suppliers for everything you need http://e-liquid-recipes.com/resources


Just a quick update. I did contact the supplier. perfectvape.com. They got back to me right away and had a new shipment sent out within 2 days. I received it in less than a week from contacting them.


As mentioned the clear-er is the salt and the darker is freebase. That’s pretty damned dark to be arriving like that though. LOL because the big bottle says 8oz. the smaller bottle says 32oz. ::?