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Nicotine storage had to dump my whole bottle


Hay everyone I did a mix a couple days ago an fig I’d give it a try today an it had a funny taste so I made up another batch an it still tasted funny. I smelled all my PG an VG an nic to see if I could see where it was coming from an it turns out it was my nic I think it went bad or some it has almost like a slight fishy smell iv only had it for about two months I got it from liquid Barn it’s 100% nic select in VG and I keep it in the fridge does anyone have any suggestions on storing it or any ideas on how or y it went bad I have any bottle coming in the mail An i want it to last longer than two months … Thanks jt


Divide your nicotine into several smaller bottles filled almost to the top. And freeze the ones you are not using.


Did you keep it inthe fridge with some fish?


Ok I’ll have to give that a try Thank


Just remember to label them. Lol.


Lol na it’s a Mini frig I just use to keep flavors in an some lettuce it’s food for my iguana


My girlfriends kids did leave the fridge open for like five hours an everything got warm maybe it went bad from getting warm an cold


Na not over such a short time but it is possible that it picked the flavour from something else in the fridge - @RobQ is totally on point with the method he wrote


I’ll have to try that next time Thanksgiving for the quiz response guys


Adding to RobQ’s response…
It’s potentially important to remember/consider placement (location-wise) in the freezer.

It’s all too easy to forget that modern (frost-less) refrigerators/freezers have a defrost circuit built in. If you put the nic next to the area that heats up (where the defrost bar runs) then you could conceivably have ruined it that way too.

A shot in the dark, but bears reminding most folks, who don’t normally service/think of such things. I wouldn’t have thought about it (much) myself previously, but for having to replace the evaporator fan in my freezer recently (the fridge wasn’t getting cold, but the freezer worked perfectly!)


maybe this will help. Of course only if you have the equipment

P.S. Type in Nic storage and variations there of in the search bar. There is a LOT of info to search through.


I would assume that unless your house was extremely hot this isn’t what caused it.

@Sprkslfly is probably on the right track. I crammed a bottle of water in the freezer aalmost directly in front of where the cold air blasts in when I went to drink it it had the weirdest taste. An Almost fishy bleach flavor, yum!

I know I shouldn’t tell you how to do things but Kids with access to the mini fridge O’ lettuce and Nicotine is a terrifying thought!


The mini and is in my bedtime my girl didn’t feel like getting out of bed an told her son to get a bottle of water out that she had in there they normally don’t go in there I did have a talk with him about how poisons it is when I first got it in the mail he’s 15 I know when I said kids young kids come to mind but he knows better


dunno m8, seriously i have never friged ANY of my nics the almost four years i am vaping…
i always keep them in my closet, in in my desk… no heat, no sun, never had a problem…


@Jacktay1200 In total agreement with @RobQ. Most times I’ll break up 1L into 60ml bottles and keep them all in the freezer.


I keep mine in a kitchen cupboard in a sealable bag, had this particular bottle for a few months now and haven’t noticed any issues.


thanks everyone for ur help I went out today an got some 60ml bottles to split up the nic an put it in the frez maybe ill put one in the frez an one ill leave in my cabinet an see what happen thanks again everyone