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NicVape Discount code?


Does anyone have a discount code for Nicvape? I can only find an expired old one. TYIA


Maybe @JoJo knows, she wont be around until the morning tho. See if we can summon them, @NicVape are y’all still around?


Not that I know of and I haven’t seen them in awhile. :slight_smile: I’ll email them.


go to www,nicvape.com and go to the news and deals page. they have several things going on right now


Thanks for the replies all. Special thanks to jojo’s reviews which grew my order from 1 to 20 flavors lol.

Thanks Dan I put my orders into 4 of their specials


Ive got two on my list that i want, no, need to try. Honey Crisps and Honey-Vanilla. Let us know how you like them!


Will do Ken. I know i got the honey crisp, but not sure about the honey vanilla… I think i was afraid of the ‘smell’ comment


You’d probably like their honeys. I’d say the honey vanilla is somewhere between TPA’s black honey and NicVape’s Real Honey, which is only slightly less offensive to me than Flavorah honeybee. I’m not crunchy enough to like “real” local honey I guess. I like the stuff that comes in the bear, and that’s more what TPA Black Honey and FA Honey taste like to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Real honey that you eat has this weird not quite floral, kind of musk? thing that I think NicVape captures a little of in the Honey Vanilla, but more so in the Real Honey. Real Honey has definitely got that clover and beer thing going on. I mean, you gotta admit real honey does kinda smell like pee and green stuff. I don’t know what possessed humans to want to put it in their mouths in the first place.


I might be one of only 5 people in the universe that love that stuff. So gud!

Some does, it all depends on what kind of flowers the bees visit.

No i will not admit such a thing! But my wife definitely agrees with you. Turn on the naughty part of your brain for a moment, my wifes name for honey comes from that region of the brain.