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Nobody has their own opinions on Flavour Art?


Look, I understand that HIC is supposed to be some kind of mixing genius or whatever but doesn’t anybody have their own input on FA flavors to add to the notes? I go to look at the notes on any FA flavor and all that’s there is HIC’s opinions copied and pasted over and over again.


Parrot see, Parrot poo. :wink:


Whats worse tho, repeated copy/paste by diff peps of same comment or “I do not have”? There are a few threads on flavor art flavors tho u can read.


I take all notes with a grain of salt. I look at the ones on ELR, http://www.ejuicemakers.com, and some on YOUTUBE. Concrete River has some good straight to the point vids on YOUTUBE. Taste is so subjective so sometimes no matter how much I research the mix doesn’t work out, but I almost always at least find a starting point on the profile. I wish I had more time to single flavor test every flavor in my stash. Work and three kids hinder that, and to be honest I find it tedious. I still SFT some flavors, but very rarely. I am so very thankful for those who do the work and share with everyone.


I would generally say they are on point. Plus if you didn’t know but they are somewhat of a collaboration from his days at ecf and Vu.

Granted though, if someone could do better than they should. Personally I am not that good with words. Lol. Words are hard.


id have to agree with your statement , ill test something and if it hasnt been said ill give my thoughts but HIC sums it up pretty well…


I agree, Taste is very subjective

Bought a cotton candy flavor from nic river mixed it at the highest averag recommended % I found.

I didn’t like it had no flavor for me. Let it steep for awhile still no flavor

Gave it to a friend he loved it , best cotton candy he ever had…



I find myself relying on the flavor review index over on Reddit.
Reddit Flavor Wiki
It’s a bit more in-depth and I would say the reviewers are more experienced than what you would find here.


Fixed my assessment in bold. :wink:

Personally I start at ELR, but use a variety of resources, and then try and form an overall opinion.
As some reviewers on Reddit are a bit pretentious, and in addition, take certain “liberties” with their descriptions that go beyond simply “describing a flavor”.

But, you can run into similar issues in any venue (forum, YouTube, private group). For instance, there’s one that writes an “800 page dissertation” on a single flavor, that I won’t even try and read anymore, and I’m one who enjoys reading chipset and technical documents…


Lol. Bold statement indeed. Hmmm. Some things to think about…

-Some of the contributors on other forums are present here on elr.
-that is an all encompassing statement saying that they are more experienced than let’s say me. Do you mean that my two years of mixing doesn’t count? And so on? Lol words are hard.
-I would give credit where credit is due and that there are lots of contributors on all sites that do a better job on single flavor testing than me. I give high praise to all who can mentally do it (I can’t, I got issues. Lol)

I don’t know why I wanted to say something. Don’t want to start a site to site battle. I think it’s great that so many people want to help others in the best way they can. For me, I love helping the newest person, adding piece of insight here and there, offer grammar errors that make people laugh (I swer ‘m gots educaution) and now I ramble. Lol.


Ah, you’re right. Allow me to correct my previous statement. I totally dismissed some excellent taster people here. I guess Reddit’s wiki was my first thought upon seeing this thread and I ran with it before thinking it through.
It’s what happens when my meds begin to wear off. :pensive:


In technicolor


Additionally, I was thinking (again, meds wearing off) of the not so informative flavor notes from some people on the ‘recipes side’ rather than the review threads here.
Ah fuckit. Too late to back pedal now …LOL!


Although I find some of HICs helpful I equally find I have differing opinions on the taste profiles and %'s recommended.
Obviously we all have different pallets as each flavour brings different things to different people, taste is subjective after all! LOL
When I give opinions about a flavour profile I always try and give my opinion.
my overall opinion on Flavour Art is that they are without doubt one of the best out there and I find mixing with their flavours very easy, which is down to the fact that they very rarely get a flavour profile wrong.


I find everyone’s opinions helpful, so I guess that’s why it irks me that everyone just copies and pastes Hics notes.


While I agree with your overall sentiment, you don’t find it the last bit frustrating that they have to toss lemon into so many things that don’t need it? :wink: :laughing:

Seriously, I get that is due to the cultural thing… But damn Sam. FA: STOP ABUSING THE LEMONS! :rofl:
Put down the lemon!


Yes it seems that some folks pick up lemon notes in some of the flavourings. Can’t say I’ve noticed enough for it to affect me?