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Noisy cricket ii-25 review!


I had a sticky button on mine straight out of the package (new). I put a Fat Daddy switch on it and the problem was solved. I have talked to number of people that have had the button problem. The truism is there was a quality control issue on the button, not everyone’s mileage was the same.


I have had five of the original crickets.I gave one to a nephew, it didn’t last one month before the firing button stopped working.I have two that use at least on a weekly basis since they came out and two still new in the box.
I haven’t had any issue with mine but I do believe the ones that say they have , the simple fact that we hear so much about the issue has to be a pretty good indication that some do have an issue.
I still think they are without a doubt one of the biggest bargains in mods.:grin:


Would a coin work to turn dial?


“You may want to think about how you say things to avoid coming off as a dick.”

Glad to see that the heavy chip on your shoulder doesn’t affect your propensity towards glib and populist statements. I say what I’m thinking, and if that doesn’t jive with your agenda, oh well, darn the bad luck.

Among the folks who actually use the NC, there has been very little issue with the fire button. Some very popular tube mods have used the same (or identical for all practical purposes) basic design to good effect.

Bash the NC if you will, I like it and continue to use it a lot, but now tire of the naysayers and will just go on doing my thing…


I read through some of you older post. You really don’t come off as a dick…you are, in fact, a total dick.


oooh hostile room on ELR?..what is this fuckery :neutral_face:

Like I said before I have both the 1 and 2, 1 broke in a couple of months, the button is dire, the fat daddy improves it a lot but makes it twice the price and I don’t think it is worth it, I have a duff 2, but when it works for a day it’s awesome, unfortunately all I get is a day then it goes crazy again. I may buy another just to see.
@Johan cmon man this aint reddit, play nice :wink:


LOL! tinman. Nice to know there are dick experts out there. Open wide :smiley:

I never got the fdv “upgrade” kit for the NC, seemed kind of a joke to me. Why get the mod in the first place if you’re so scared of it that you feel it needs to be neutered. Some of the folks who did, commented in other forums that they felt the fdv button was in fact a downgrade and had trouble with it. IDK, or really care for that matter. I like the little mod, will continue to enjoy it, and for those who don’t there are a plethora of other devices that you might feel more comfortable with…



No sir. Don’t know if you can see it from the potato quality photo I took, but it unfortunately doesn’t have a slot a coin could fit.

It’s really not a big deal, I just felt that it needed to be addressed.


it’s also anti clockwise to turn it up…nearly blew my face off a couple of times with that, it’s not the clearest dial to use.


Awww, that’s what they should have done.


No its not.

But you know pugs… It’s probably our fault for not using the device properly!


Well…we shouldn’t be such dicks should we …:laughing:


Just wanted to say I’ve had this mod for several weeks and have put it through its paces. Have run plus and minus ohm builds, in “mech” mode in series and parallel and modulated mode in both series and parallel. I haves yet to have a moment of trouble with the mod.

Aside from its flawless performance - and anyone who was a fan of the original Noisy Cricket knows how nice that is - it’s also great how evenly it discharges a married pair of batteries. I’ve done probably 15 charge cycles each of 2 sets I’m rotating and except for maybe 2-3 times, they’ve always been the exact same voltage when putting on my charger.

So I’m going to recommend this mod for any of the mech fans out there who would like a bit more control for a wider range of wires/builds. Yes, you can run SS coils on it but you should always put safety first.

EDIT - when I posted this I thought I was running variable voltage in parallel mode. Nope- only in series. My mistake.


Gentlemen …

Can Anyone who owns it … tells How’s the NC II -25 is doing after Monthes of Usage … ?

I mean What do you guys think of it ‘Now’ … ? and what’s your average use … ?

Battery Consumption, Voltage Dial, Fire Button, … etc.

Would you Advice me getting one … ?

Thanks for Support…


I’m interested in why it isn’t available on many of the US websites.


Mine works well no problems i like it price is rite 3 mo. usage . All the questions you ask seem to be ok for me i don’t know what your requirements are. Read instructions stay in limits. Fun to play with. You decide advice always seems to fail :grin:


Hey Mike @GlycerinHack

Thanks Man for the reply… I do have an RX2/3 and a Couple of Minikins V2 … Minikin is So Good tbh … Like it badly…

So, thought of the NC-II , Cause wanted to play around with a Regulated Mechanical thingy… and who usually comes first when you google this up … ? The NC-II …

I’ve read some many reviews/youtube reviews on it, and majority would agree it’s good piece of kit to go to…

As for your reply back… It means you’re happy with Batter life, Fire Button, … etc. (In The Safe Zones Naturally) … Right … ?

Anyway, Cheers for the reply Man…


Yes! i also have Noisey Cricket . Like it also, but i like wismec, jaybo stuff it works for me. Just watch OHMs. Im sure you know this all ready:grinning:


Still use mine regularly. I run it in series with fused stainless claptons around 0.2 ohms. I’ve not had a single problem with it since I posted this review months ago.