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Noisy cricket ii-25 review!


NC2 is great!


I’ve had mine maybe 6 months.

Fire button - perfect.
510 - perfect
Potentiometer dial - perfect
Battery door - perfect

As for battery consumption, that will depend on several variables and no one can give an answer to that. Things like build, voltage used and the batteries themselves.

Would I advise getting one? Yes, with zero hesitation. Aside from my prized possession of a Whiterose NLPWM mod, this is hands down the best non-TC mod I’ve owned. And considering the price, it’s a greater value than any other mass-produced mod of any kind…IMO of course.


You’re making me want to buy one for my vape “time capsule”. :sunglasses:


Guys …

Awesome opinions i had from your feedback …

The thing is My NC-II is on its way … only 5,000 KM left to arrive… :innocent:
All the way from UK to Cairo …

Cheers for your feedbacks …