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Norseman’s Review on the Mesh RDA from Vandy Vape


Ok I put the Kanthal in first.I just changed out to the SS. I was vaping a berry mix. Used the same juice on both mesh screens. Ummmmm I think I found 2 more berries with the SS that I didn’t notice.
This setup is ID10T proof. And you get the flavors like the big boy coils.
Its a no brainer.


It is an open airflow and you just dial it down a bit to make it a bit more restricted.
And thanks for the comment gorgeous :+1:


Thanks for the comment man and yes you’re right the cotton need to have full contact with the mesh.


I jumped on this a few weeks ago when I saw it my local vape shop. I’m always up for trying something new. I haven’t had a great experience with the mesh so far. There is a very fine line with getting the wicking right. I put the mesh in first, then wicked it, so I might try your way of putting the wick in the mesh and then clamping it down. It’s like the worst dry hit and then some if you get it wrong. It does work pretty well with a squonk mod. I’ve been running it lately on a dual coil set up with a squonk and the taste and vape is good.


Good luck on your journey with this rda.


Excellent review, as always!


Thanks man :+1:


I somehow missed this one, I like the idea behind this, great review, cheers!


Thanks a bunch man :+1: