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Norseman's Review on the Super Bat kit from Vaptio


I received this Super Bat kit free of charge directly from Vaptio for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

The Super Bat comes in the so well known square box from Vaptio that we have seen before. On the front you got a print of the mod itself and on the backside info on what the box contains.

When you open it up you find the mod sitting in a cut out on the left, underneath you find the USB-cable used for charging and future updates of the mod. On the right side you find the tank, a spare glass and the goodie bag.

It is a 220w mod with all kinds of features like TC, CCW and CCT, and I think all these different possibilities will keep even the most hardcore regulated device user busy for a while. The one sent to me is the red and silver painted one and I must say that it does look good, even though I think the all black mod might look even better.

It runs on two 18650 batteries and you put them in at the bottom of the mod, positive up on one side and negative up on the other. The marking on the battery cover is a bit undetectable to be honest, but if you look into the mod you find a + and a – sign at the top showing you which way to put the batteries in.

The battery cover fits nicely to the mod and I haven’t had any issues with it in the time I have used this mod. It closes and opens easily and despite that, sits real tight in place.

The display is 1.3 inches and it will show you battery status on both batteries, wattage, volt, ohm on the coil, length of the puff and what mode you have chosen, like soft, normal, hard or auto. The look of the main display is probably supposed to look like something from the dashboard of the Batmobile.

To switch the mod on you need to press the fire button five times and you are good to go, and in order to get into the menu system you need to click the fire button three times. The menu system is easy enough to go through, very user-friendly and it got all the things needed to be able to get a nice experience with it.

The different options in the menu is Mode, Settings, Theme and Home. If you click on Mode you will find VW mode, TC mode, Smart mode, CCW (Custom Curve Wattage), CCT (Custom Curve Temperature) and Bypass mode. What wattage mode does is something we all probably know how it works.

TC, or temperature control, can be used with SS, Ni, Ti, NiCr and three memory settings. The temperature on the screen goes from 200-600 °F or 100-315 °C and when it reaches the highest temperature it does round robin and starts all over again.

I have used it in TC mode without any issues at all, and it has worked as it is supposed to from my experience. Whether it actually vapes at the chosen temperature or not is something I can’t say for sure, since I never used any instruments to measure the actual temperature.

To change it from Soft to Normal, High or Auto is easily done by clicking the fire bar 2 times quickly, if you do that you change the setting each time.

The Wattage mode is like with most other regulated devices, it is possible to change the wattage in 1 watt increments or 10 watt increments depending on how you click.

One thing I like about this mod is the fact that it is so quiet, and by quiet I mean no rattle on the battery door, no rattle on the buttons or fire bar. It is absolutely no rattle what so ever on this mod and the buttons are really responsive and clicky.

What I don’t like and this is just my personal opinion, is the led lighting, when I first started this mod for the very first time it was set to «breathe», meaning the light on it was breathing and in my world that’s a no go really.

On the front it got two led light acting as eyes and on the backside it got six led lights like some kind of wings. Fortunately you can change how these LED’s work and go from breathing to a light going on when you push the fire bar and even turn it off if you like, as well as change the color of the light.
I’m sure there are lots of people out there that will like this LED function, but I’m not one of them.

The mod itself is substantial, meaning it got some weight to it, and despite that it does feel good in the hand since all the corners are rounded out. No hard edges anywhere, which is a good thing. It does look kinda cool with the Bat theme it has going.

The Tank
The Frogman sub ohm tank that comes with it is a nice enough piece of kit. It is easy to fill by pushing the top cap down and turning it counter clockwise, and to put it back on you press down and turn it clockwise.

It got its own proprietary coils but you can also fit the Baby Beast coils from SMOK in this tank. Vaptio got four different coils and those are the W2 with the resistance of 0.4Ω, W4 with the resistance of 0.15Ω, W6 with the resistance of 0.2Ω and the W8 with the resistance of 0.15Ω.

The airflow is easy to adjust and it is also really smooth and not noisy at all.

I must say that I have struggled to get any good flavor out this tank, in the period I have used this I have also tried the different coils I got with it and in the end I got kinda disappointed with the flavor. Perhaps my expectations are set to high considering that I basically only use good RDA’s that gives me lots of flavor.

All in all it is a nice kit. The mod itself is something I think loads of people will like and keep around for a long time. It got no rattle sound on any parts and it fires really quickly, and the overall impression is that it is well built. I think the Frogman sub ohm tank will satisfy the beginner, while seasoned vapers might find the flavor they get out of it lacking somewhat.

Can I recommend it to others?
I don’t really have any issues recommending this mod to anyone wanting a good mod. I am not as sure when it comes to the tank, but that is totally subjective.

Super Bat
Build quality
Good menu system
Easy to navigate
Feels solid
Big screen
Fires fast
No rattle on battery coverer buttons
The possibility to do your own custom curves in TC and Wattage mode

Frogman Tank
Easy to fill
Possible to get as a 2 ml and a 5 ml. In EU only as 2 ml
The fact that it is possible to use coils from other manufacturers

Super Bat
Poorly marked battery polarity on the battery door
The LED lights (subjective)
Menu system might be a bit on the dark side

Frogman Tank
Lack of flavor
Can unscrew the top cap without pressing it down

Super Bat
Width: 30 mm
Height: 85.5 mm
Length: 46 mm
Silver/Red, Black, Silver/Black
Frogman Tank
Height: 54 mm
Width: 23.5 mm
Holds 2 ml liquid
Black, Silver, Blue, Purple, Gold

Package includes
1 x Super Bat 220w
1 x Frogman subohm tank
1 x Spare glass
1 x Accessories Bag
1 x W2 coil
1 x W8 coil
1 x USB cable for charging and firmware upgrades

You will find it here
Super Bat kit at Vaptio for $72.99 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


I kinda see this as a flaw and am constantly doing it by accident on my Vaptio Wallcrawler which has the same menu system. Wish u could lock the damn wattage tho! Another nice review!!


Another nice review, but not my kinda thing, this thing.
Thanks for this one, bro :+1::sun_with_face:


@worm1 yeah i totally see what you mean with that.
@VapeFish not my kinda thing, this thing either. Totally prefer mechanicals over any regulated devices to be honest.

And thanks guys for commenting :+1:


Another great, honest review @Norseman. As mentioned above, this errrrrr, “type” of unit might not be for me, but vapers are a DIVERSE group of people. Great review.


Thanks man :+1: Yeah good thing is that we all like different things.


So this is supposed to do TC using Nichrome wire?

If so did you try it?

I am not up on all the latest gear but seems to be this is the first time I have seen a mod that has that for a pre set option in temp control.


Never tried it to be honest. Or i have made an error and misread it and it should be Nickel…
Anything is possible.


As I read this you listed Stainless Steel, Nickel, Titanium and Nichrome.

This is the only review I have seen on this mod but doing Nichrome as a pre set option in TC would seem like a game changer that everyone would be talking about.


I have actually checked if the mod does TC on NiCr and it does.
So if TC on NiCr is a game changer, Vaptio has done just that on this mod.
Just wanted to get back at you fairly quick in this matter with an answer.


Thank you for looking into it and for the review.

I could be wrong but I am not aware of any other mod that does NiCr in TC mode.

I can not remember the name of the mod but there is one that will do TC supposedly with any wire including Kanthal. @Rob62 has one so maybe he can tell us.


Isn’t that the Hohmslice or whatever they are called that can do basically any type of wire?

That name does ring a bell for me at least…


Yes Sir the home wrecker and home slice or something like that.


Yep the
Hohm Wrecker G2 or the Hohm Slice