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Nude vs Select Nicotine


i just ordered a sample of nude


I’ve used both Nude and Nic Select quite a bit. I find them both to be very good nicotine. If I had a preference, it would be for the Nude Nicotine - Nude Armor V2. The bottling on it is sealed for use with a Luer slip syringe and is otherwise sealed against oxidation. If comparing to the other varieties of Nude, I’d go with Nic Select. The pricing and customer service are wonderful.


Forgive me if I’ve forgotten (and it’s been covered previously, I’ve slept since then!), but are you doing titration testing too? =D


I am awaiting reception of the packages first. Then we will take it from there


My forrest mix flavor I ordered from ECX 7 days after the nicotine arrived today.


I didn’t really want UPS but I got it from Nicotine River, the package arrived Wednesday, 01/04/2017
The package arrived from Nude Nicotine just 2 days later via USPS arrived Friday, 01/06/2017

I have a lot happening right now (RL), time is limited, but watch for more comparisons in the next weeks…


i kust received my sample of nude nic today so soon ill be comparing as well great idea you had :wink:


I have had problems in the past ordering from NR so I know their customer service is first rate, on this order the bottle from NN was a leaker. I sent a email today (Saturday) to see what they propose to do to resolve my service request.


How much did you actually lose? Can’t tell in the picture.


Hardly any, maybe a gram. I just tightened the cap washed it up and put it in my fridge.


My last batch from them was like that. That’s why I usually go with the Nude Armor 2 since it’s a sealed bottle under the cap. I ordered version 1 by mistake though. My bad, won’t do it again though.


There must have been something that required hazmat shipping in your package. Anything hazmat related we ship UPS Ground. We apologize for using a different carrier! From now on our website will show you which shipping methods will be possible for hazmat which 99% of the time is UPS Ground. So once again we do apologize. However, we are happy there were no leaks with your order and the delivery was on time. If you have any questions or concerns we are always here to help! :slight_smile:


Am I missing something? The last comment was 26 days ago and I don’t see the results of either CosmicTruths or fidalgo vapes titration tests. I’m very interested in how they turned out.


i wasnt going to do a titration test , i did receive a sample from nude and was just going to do a taste test or something @CosmicTruth did you ever get a chance to test these two products ?? i guess nude has a few different formuals or versions so id think you would have to compare their top version to nicselect


NN has regular 100mg/mL(and other ratios) in different bases and some nicotine with acids added to help combat oxidation but I figured just comparing the comparable products was what was going on. Sorry I miss understood a comment from you.


i havent had the time to compare the two yet , and you are probably right about what NN has they are not a company i am very familiar with , besudes what i have heard here


I haven’t done any titration tests, i compared the service from both vendors and they are both equal and great. Delivery time was 3 days quicker for Nicotine River. I purchased 36mg nicotine in a 50/50 base from both vendors, I compared taste of the 2 products and could not discern any difference between the products.

Prices vary quite a bit for 1L 50/50 36mg:
Nicotine River $26.89
Nude Nicotine $55.00


thats a huge differnce in price for similar quality


I use nude nicotine 36mg/ml , if I do ejuice at 1mg it is smooth , but if I do at 3mg it is strong and harsh even after steep , what is wrong ??
please I need help !


Hi, I noticed nobody responded, so here’ goes!
If you aren’t shaking the bejeesus out of your nic base, you need to. if it’s in VG, even more so, like between every mix. If you just leave it on the counter and pull from it, you can get highly concentrated pockets of nicotine, called hot spots, but I think Hot Pockets would be better!
If you are shaking well, it could be a bad batch or has been stored in undesirable conditions for too long a time.
Hope this helps!