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Obscure brands of flavor concentrate


Seen it mentioned on several fb groups over time. A few of the concentrate lines have rebrandings in them, I know John Smith Tobacco is rebranded as bee keepers and Flavour Creative I believe is flavour art rebottled into 20ml for the price of 10ml e.g “joy” is called “enjoy” :slight_smile:
Real Flavours for me are a pain personally. UK we only really have VG concentrates and they are so hit and miss between not nice at all (not many), not tasting much at all (most of them) to really good ones.Ones I really like that not heard mentioned much at all are peanut brittle and pastry with strawberry frosting which are both excellent


I don’t know what strengths you’ve tried (percentage wise) but I think most folks would have to mix them at least 10% and most 12-15% to begin to get something of note from them.

Personally, I gave up on them quite sometime ago due to price vs amount you have to use to make them “work”.

With that said, I still think they’ve got some great flavors, and they’re really one of the best (of few options) for those who have serious sensitivity issues with PG.

I am confident though that UK (and EU in general) folks will seriously enjoy their “super concentrates” (aka raw extracts) once they break down the gate! They’re a game changer for RF.


I’ll agree there are many that are hard to get to stand out but SB Pastry w/ Frosting is a more potent one I find the pastry too bold and woulda like for the SB Frosting to be the top note w/ the pastry in the back but oh well… it does steep nice and calms a bit. I never have tried the pb brittle sounds good.

I hope you get to experience RF SC extracts those have been solid so far…time will tell on the steeping and if they last.


Anyone know or have any experience with WonderFlavors…?..In Canada…They are getting a lot of play on Facebook


I know @Pro_Vapes is experimenting with them maybe he can give us the low down


Hello everyone, thank you for all your input. Please if you can INCLUDE percentage range you found most enjoyable as well. Zibellis.

Zibelli Lemon meringue is excellent 2-3%
Zibelli Fruit hoops very good 2-3% I combine this with FW fruit rings adds missing elements to fruit loops
Zibelli Cookie (animal crackers) 2-3% amazing very spot on flavor somewhat “coconuty” untill steeped very versatile for use in pie,cheesecake crusts
Zibelli Marshmallow 3% not bad as a mixer somewhat has similiar notes to Lor Marshmallow
Zibelli Cake batter ughhhh tastes putrid like Caps version
ZibelliWatermelon shmeh ill pass on restocking this very close to Caps sweet watermelon
ZibelliBlueberry good on the weaker side tho
Zibelli Apple 1% different. Very fleshy “pomace” sort of mouth feel. I use this in pear recipe to add body
Zibelli Peach not bad need SF testing
Zibelli Lemon not bad need SF testing
Zibelli mango blehhhhh no


The four flavours from German Flavors that I have are all quite good. That’s:

Marzipan - spot on! Needs something to make it smoother though, as it can be harsh on your throat.
Rote Grütze - that’s a mix of red berries. Quite good, too.
Licorice - spot on, too.
Woodruff - this one needs two weeks of steeping, after that this is a keeper, too. I hoped for it to be just like the green jelly but it’s a bit different.

All mixed at the recommended percentages printed on the label.


Just mixed up Quack’s Juice Duck Berry. Smell delicious, but the recommended steeping method by themselves, would have some mixers on here running for the hills.

Leave the bottle open air (No top or Dropper) for 7-14 days :slight_smile:


I have tried the roasted peacans and cream and it is pretty weak and a real coil killer as well, not impressed. The butterscotch pie seems ok from initial experiments, good but not super special. Neither have got me thinking I want to try any others from the range anyway.


If you like tfa go for it. That’s basically what I have been comparing it to as far as strength. The butterscotch pie was pretty good. So was the vanilla Tahiti and strawberry one I got. The strawberry was a good ripe strawberry flavor jusr not strong enough for my liking. Chocolate chunks was not so good. It has that tfa fake chocolate taste to me.


Just recently picked up 2 bickford flavors and I will not be buying them again.

Black walnut- very weak but not a bad flavor. I’d say weaker than tfa.

Burnt sugar- terrible. I have no idea how they got burnt sugar out of this. The flavor is as dark (black) as you can get and there is little to no flavor at all!


He’s keeping his semen in the fridge…


I did a lemonade with Flavour monks lemon, tasted like Pledge wood polish. but it was really cloudy
I was actually tempted to bottle it as ‘Baby Gravy’ just for S&G

There’s also a ‘wood polishing’ joke in there somewhere I’m sure… :laughing:


Really enjoying from my recent flavor orders:
FLV Cocoon - caramel apple. I’m adding it to RF Apple. Sometimes with some donut or waffle.
River flavors - Heaven - donut with strawberry filling. Very, very nice. Trying it by it’self.
River flavors - Kalanka - a mixed fruit with some kick, maybe slight anise.
FA Metaphore - lemon curd cake I will definitely buy again. I’ve added it to my peach custard mix and to my lemon custard mix and it is wonderful.
Real Flavors - Apple is the best apple I’ve found among about 5 brands. It’s got a little tartness and nothing weird about it. Just very good apple. The strength is amazing for the price. I haven’t figured out the RF Baklava yet. I’m enjoying it, but I don’t yet know what to add to it. I’m going to try using it like I would a custard and see what I can do.
FLV Strawberry Smash is terrible. Or it has been when I add it to anything or vape it alone.


Pistachio Baklava
4.00% Pistachio (TFA)
2.00% Acetyl Pyrazine (TFA)
2.00% Baklava (Real Flavors)
2.00% Butter Pecan (FW)
0.25% Liquid Stevia (Pyure)

variant of - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/867205/Pistachio%20Baklava#

replaced vg baklava with raw version - and replaced sweetener with pyure

Edit to add: The Baklava SC really needs to steep at least a month for me. Early on the spice notes overpower the pastry/dough notes.


AmorettI Egyptian Jasmine is completely irreplaceable. It’s very much like high end Egyptian chamomile tea. It’s floral and earthy…and somnetic. It’s like aroma therapy.

Amoretti Cherimoya is solid, it’s close to Inawera, but not as good.

Amoretti Guanabana is like vaping super glue fumes. It’s the worst flavor I’ve ever encountered…by far.

Amoretti Prickly Pear Cactus Blossom is very similar to the trump-fist-sized fruits I get while in Turkey. I was expecting a floral with this one, but it is definitely flavored like that fruit. It’s a light, light fruited honey. It’s a moist sort of flavor like cactus inw, but definitely quite different.


Amorreti, I take it your using the extracts? The ingredients for the artisan flavors i checked sugar, frustose other unwanted goodies. The ingredients are not listed for the extracts, i emailed them requesting ingredients. $$ These are pricey, are they quite strong? Average %? Thanks weazy


Also noticed there are two versions of the Amoretti extract OS and WS? That Egyptian tea is 60$ 2ounze! They have holiday sale 35% off till the 17th January :wink:


Yes, oil and water soluble. Obviously you don’t vape the oils, hell someone on here was sent a paste. So be careful, always best to put a few drops in a shot glass of water. There is a thread on these.

Yeah, when you mix these youd need max kyj to your nether orifi if you were to pay that price. But it is a very large bottle. They are perhaps between tpa and cap on strength. That said, I don’t know anyone that did not get them as samples. Again, the contact info, if still active, is in that thread which I would link you to were I not, as always, on a phone. They were releasing several new WS concentrates after I called I was told.

I think they are pretty much testing the market. If all their flavors were like that Jasmine…they might be worth the money even. But if I paid $60 for that guanabana…I would have been irate.

Edit: some are as weak as VG RF. (10-12%)


Euro Flavors on route! Did my homework and took suggestions ordered
Euro Banana
Euro dark chocolate
Euro milk chocolate
Euro yellow mango
Euro glazed donut
Euro Blue Raspberry
Euro Red Apple
Will post my test results in 4weeks or so.
Thank you to all those who did testing and posted their notes