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Obscure brands of flavor concentrate


10-12%! Hughh (scratches head) odd because they range from 20-60$ per 2oz! Was hoping they would be sonewhere between MF and RF SCE in strength. Ill probably still order a few of the Amoretti extracts before the17th of Jan using the 35% off coupon Jolly35. I can feel the itch already lol i need to scratch it.


Caramel apple with waffle…YUM! :smiley:


I highly advise you read the Amoretti thread and flavor notes before taking out a second mortgage on the flavors. At 35% off…still, just ouchie. That Jasmine, is definitely a keeper if you like earthy floral type flavors IMO. There were a couple different strengths of it and I asked for the strongest. . .and I do not think they have SDS sheets on their flavors, but I could be wrong.


One of the watermelons smelled sorta like acetone. I think it was the sweet not sure at this point. TBH I just don’t remember. lol


I have some experience with this one. Keep this around 2-3% in mixes because it will get floral at higher%


Viper Flavors anyone? K so these are quite cheap and percentages needed are on the higher side

Sponge cake 12% 4 stars(5 if it were stronger) just like a twinkie filling and all
Birthday Cake 12% 3 stars. Flavor is great after two weeks but then begins to fade
Yellow cake 6% 4 stars pretty good clean yellow cake flavor.
Cream cheese Icing 3% mixer. 3 stars.Not as strong as LOR but not as sickly sweet either.
Cobbler 3% 4 stars. Adds nice buttery cooked brown sugar aspect to pie or cobbler recipes
Banana Bread 0stars Black! Darkest concentrate ive ever recieved, caramel colour? Useless
Pancake 3% 3 stars, strong flavor heavy on syrup light pancake flavor needs supporting bakery flavors. Bold flavor tho holds strength well
Sugar Cookie 0 stars ewww dirty odd taste and smell
Cake batter 6% 3 stars not bad


Your results and thoughts on wonder flavors?


I only bought 3 and have only mixed 1. It’s still steeping.


Just ordered some Purilum from NicRiver code HOLIDAYS gets you 15% off. Reviews and tasting notes to follow in the coming weeks


Anyone tried Hiliq flavors? Or Nic?


Yes I have both. Honestly I think they’re nic is the best I have had. It’s the clearest and smoothest. I’ve had quite a few different brands here in the US. They’re flavors are really good as well. I like they’re mango sorbet, oat, pineapple, and I love they’re cooling effect! The cooling effect almost as good as bakers ice cold. If you are in the US and decide to place an order be sure not to use FedEx Shipping bc they charged me an extra $40 when they delivered my package bc of the FDA. Hiliq did NOT put that it was nic so I went along with the VG thing to make lotions…you know :slight_smile: it still cost me $40 and a phone call from FedEx. Pay the extra $1 and use DHL. Oh yea they’re rice flavor is interesting as well.


Don’t and won’t have this one from them. For all that matters I won’t have any mango. I jus tdon’t like the taste of them to vape or eat :scream:


I will keep an eye out for his assessments…Thanks


I have had experience with a relatively obscure brand of flavouring. One-on-One flavouring. (http://www.oooflavors.com/).

I purchased over 81 varieties of their flavours, in 10ml sample size bottles, several months ago. I have to say, apart from maybe half a dozen of those flavours, the rest were absolutely disgusting. Several of them tasted like actual vomit. Many others, such as the strawberry ones, tasted like fly-spray or bad perfume. Many of the bakery, custard etc type tasted absolutely nothing like they should have, having nasty aftertastes, and pretty awful foretastes.

All in all, I would highly recommend to anyone to avoid One-on-One flavouring like the plague. I took a risk getting a large number of their flavours, assuming they would be at least usable, and I have totally regretted it. Luckily I got a 30% discount (I wonder why! heh) on top of an already discounted price for buying the ‘sample packs’ along with a highly discounted international shipping price, so the financial hit was as minimal as it could be.

In the end, I ended up buying the usual brands, capella, TFA, FA, Flavor Art etc, and they are all excellent, and very far removed from the revolting swill served up by OOOFLAVORS.

And yes, I emailed the managing director of the company, telling him of my experience, and unsurprisingly, he never even bothered to reply to my emails.




Thanks so much for sharing this! OOO is really terrible and it totally slipped my mind! Sorry you wasted you’re money! I have bought quite a few flavors from them as well with the thought that maybe these will be different and be a lost gem! NOT! I have a couple 2-3 that have been ok to me. I think oatmeal was ok and a marshmallow one and SC sherbert is good. But even the good/ok ones I would never buy again. I’m not surprised the managing director did not reply! I honestly just sent a bunch to a buddy of mine and just about cleaned them out. He wanted to try Wonder flavors so I sent him what I had. There is a lot of hype on Wonder flavors right now on FB. I wasn’t impressed with them either. I mean they’re not bad and if you like TFA you will be in love with them. You just have to use a really high percentage to get the flavor out of them.


Surprised to hear that about OOO. But nice to know ahead of time!

I can definitely say my first impression of Jungle Flavors isn’t a good one. Their Boysenberry is just really really bad. Fortunately it was a gift from an ELR family member (thanks again Dan!). Safe to say, it’ll find itself in someone else’s PIF box (once again). lol
Sooner or later, someone might like it!


Dang I have they’re cocoa, honey peach (from a year or so ago), sweet strawberry, and biscuit. I’ve like all the ones I got from JF so far. Good to know not to buy that one :wink:


I know its a bit late, but…
I’ve recently been branching out with my flavour choices, here’s a few of the less common ones I’ve sampled;

Jungle Flavours

Quite bright, more like a biscuit than a cookie. A nice mix between a shortbread and a digestive, a bit buttery. If I had to compare it to a more well know flavour, it’d be Inaweras Biscuit, but that’s not to say it’s the same. It’s pretty much the same strength, 2-3% as a single flavour provides a fairly strong flavour. I can’t taste any AP, which is always a plus to me.
I’d probably give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Dulce De Leche:
Creamy, caramel-like, vanilla dessert. This one’s a bit lighter on the caramel than others, with a bit more vanilla? I think… I’m not the biggest fan, so don’t have much to say…
It’s usable, but imo doesn’t offer anything other flavours do better.


Vanilla cake and buttery cookie, is what I’m getting at 5%, I think it could be stronger, and go up to ~7%. Overall it a really nice flavour, just not a cookie… It reminds me a bit of a vanilla cupcake.
Another 3.5 out of 5.

Chefs flavours

Tart Au Citron:
Amazing flavour! Rich creamy lemon curd, with a buttery base, and a hint of coconut. Better than any dinner ladies mix I’ve tried, imo better than the original dinner ladies.
It’s got the same profile as Mr Meringue.
At 20%, it’s sweet and rich, can be a shake and vape but really shines after a few days-1 week.
This one gets full marks, the BEST single flavour I’ve ever tried!


Disclaimer: My taste buds are my own. You can’t have them! =P
You might end up in love with the flavour. You never know! I was simply saying “it definitely doesn’t work for me”! :wink:

FWIW, I always ‘take in’ opinions on flavors (and like most, tend to put more weight to those I’ve come to trust/respect) but unless there’s an overwhelming concensus, I do try and remind myself that everyone is different.

Bottom line, don’t let me dissuade you, just "keep it in mind… " :grinning:


Few more I have tried last few months:

Sasami Speculoos: not a fan of sasami much, expensive but I love the crumble cake and bee sting pie so I still persist. Speculoos is pretty good and accurate though not so much a biscuit, be an excellent mixer trying to make bischoff spread

Sasami Vanilla Custard: I really like this as a different custard. If you think of the actual picture on the bottle for Inawera Custard minus the caramel topping, this is close. No eggyness in it, a bright vanilla. Like a thick almost blancmange type sweet custard left in the fridge. One of the better custards out there and different as well, recommend this one

Vape Train Jam It and Marmalade: Both piss poor. Jam It tastes like FLV candy roll if it was past its sell by date, have tried it at many percentages and it is just rubbish, avoid. The marmalade is slightly better…slightly

Wonder Flavours SC Nanamio Bar: Far better than any of there normal range. It isnt bad, not really for me though

JF Juicy Lemon and Sweet Strawberry: Both good. Think the strawberry has been over hyped a bit but it is definately good. I think the lemon is really good in lemon mixes, prominent without being too sharp.