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Obscure brands of flavor concentrate


/sings: I’m diggin’ up bones…

Hey brother, do you by chance remember what overall percentage you mixed these at when starting to use them (or where you landed, if you still use them)?? TIA


They very widely but they are mostly weaker like TPA or FW, ive gone from 1%-8%. Elderflower/berry i used in the 1% range as they are a bit more floral than the others. The flavorings that i tested were tasty.


Sorry to ressurect this thread, but Does anyone ever tried vyriol or mane? Some diy stores here sell them for lower price than tfa. Oh, vyriol is from greece, and mane from france, if that help any.


Are you getting these from a website?


@juice_junkie_lover yes, there are some online vape stores in indonesia that have them. I’m interested because of the price, it’s cheaper than tfa, but i don’t know the quality for vaping


I was looking around and i haven’t found anything. I looked on http://www.vapcook.com/arome.php bc they usually have things listed that are not on this side of the pond. I didn’t see either one of those on there though. It seems that mane has made its way into the US and there are quite a few different articles on them. I don’t see anywhere to purchase them over here though. Who knows? I guess it could be where a company like real flavors or wonder flavors gets they’re flavors from.


I couldn’t find anything either. Maybe i should just stick with the normal ones… I’ll maybe buy some and try it first. I want to know about these flavors.


Yes I understand. I would still try a few and see how they are. Why not especially if you are going to be placing an order. You might find something great that way! You also might buy a few bad ones :frowning:


I live in Greece and it is the first time i hear this Vyriol. I don’t no for such thing here.


I’m sorry, my mistake, it’s vioryl
@juice_junkie_lover i’m sorry i wrote that wrong




Ok. I will give it a look. Looks like they don’t have products specific for vaping but i will contact with them next week to ask them, if their food flavours is ok for vaping.


So, vioryl, i ask the seller and some people who bought it, their reply :
Seller : use 15 to 20 % for a single flavor
Buyer : use 12 to 18 % for a single flavor, with good taste. Not tfa / capella/ fa or such good, but not bad.
I haven’t bought it as i fell like that’s too high percentage?


Seemed as though to order one would need to contact the company? Did not appear to be an “add to cart” type website, correct me if i am wrong
Also are not most capella and TFA and FW recommend in the 15% area. In real world application this never holds true. I use most cap in the 4-7% range same goes for FW. TFA is all over the map % wise but even their weakest offerings i dont think i would ever exceed 9-12%…
I would be interested in ordering these if i were not have to jump through hoops in order to obtain them…


That’s what i think, real world application would be less than suggested. The percentage for vyriol is about the same as singapore’s flavor KH roberts, and about the same price. Have you heard of them?


So i just ordered a few of their flavors. It should take 2 days to reach me.


So, my vyriol are here. I ordered kiwi, strawberry ripe, butter cookies and butterscotch.
I dont know how to review or give notes to flavor, and my tongue is busted from all these years of abuse, so i’ll just compare them with what i already got.
I got some strawberry ripe tfa, and raw (malaysian brand) butterscotch, so i’ll start with these two.
The strawberry ripe (vyriol) is weaker than tfa, i have to use about 50% more to get the same strength. Maybe need steeping first? I used 8% tfa sr, and 12%vyriol sr as a shake n vape.
The sr vyriol wouldn’t win against tfa sr, it have some chemical taste to it that i hope would be gone after some steeping. Maybe 3 days is enough? It also have some weird taste that i just couldn’t point out.
I also mixed the butterscotch, and compared it with raw bs. While raw bs is more mouthful (you know what i mean by this, right?) the vyriol is again weaker and need something to add that feels i think. I used 9% raw bs, and 12% vyriol bs.
I needed to smoke really bad this afternoon, so i tried the butter cookies also.
The butter cookies have that mouthful and good but not great butter cookies taste, and the roof of my mouth hurt after chain vaping it for about 3ml. I used about 12% in one flavor mix.


The taste is not really good, but it’s cheaper. If tfa is worth about 2000 rupiah per ml, vyriol is worth about 1000 rupiah per ml.
I’ll keep them for now, for substitute if my other flavors run out.
The post above is not meant to be a review or notes on the flavor since i have a weak tasting and new to diy. It’s just that i’m curious about it and compare it with the ones that i already have.