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Ogre do Smoant NaBoo Review


Another detailed review by @SmilingOgre. Great job. So do I get this kit or three MF flavors? You make it tough brother.


Wow, that is a tough one. Had no idea I was creating a dilemma like this. Thanks for taking a peek and commenting! I’m kinda thinkin I would go with the flavors to be honest. In the end it’s the flavor that makes the vape for me. Best mod on the planet with Draino in the atty is just nasty. Conversely, as long as the mod can hit a decent temp, with a damn good e-juice and I’m a happy camper.


:grinning::grinning: I was just messing with the Ogre. I’m buying both!


I did that today but I’m sort of sure I won’t be disappointed.

This is Fudge, she’s a chocolate brown Labrador and she was born on August 6 which is my birthday too,


Awe… I’m sure you won’t. Wonderful!


Another Great Review! Thanks for taking the time! I like the looks of this one, but have to get the Rage first!!


Thank you! “Rage first!” of course!!!