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Ogre do Smoant NaBoo Review



Well im happy they redeemed them selves , after the soda bong thingy i was really worried lol … ty for the review and ty for bringing this to my attention … this goes on my To Buy List


My pleasure my friend. Ty for chiming in. That Campbel is definitely unique. I give it the benefit of the doubt in regarding to doing what it says it will but I honestly have not found a way to enjoy it yet, lol. I dig your use of the term “redeemed”. It really fits.


Hehe I’m with @fidalgo_vapes on the Soda Bong fear. Nicely done @SmilingOgre. I always like it when you break out the oscope.


redeemed themselves with me at least lol ty again


Thank you sir! It’s one of my favorite toys. Provides some pretty decent insight into what the mod is up to.


BTW, Soda Bong is now stuck in my head. It now officially has a new name. “Honey, wanna try my Soda Bong?” No, I’m not going there but it’s tempting.


Everytime I hear bong it brings me way back.
Several hours ago lol


That, is funny. I remember in my twenties making one out of a wine bottle, lol.


And they worked and only $1.99, now $100 plus and you can’t even drink any wine out of it first.
Keep up the great reviews !!


Nice review but I’m sort of happy that it is not really for me. I have to stop spending for a bit so…:sweat_smile:


Another great review!! Thanks for the evaluation Ogre!!


@Josephine_van_Rijn, Thanks! Happy to save you some money. I’ve made a couple of “impulse” buys and been disappointed. That is the worst.

@Eddiepraysforpeace, Thank you sir! Glad to be of service!


Its just that I know I will never use the music box but will be paying for it nonetheless.


Waiting for mine to arrive :smiley:

Great review as always @SmilingOgre


Me thinks you will like it my friend! Thanks!


Great job, thanks.


Thank you! Glad you liked it.


Thanks for your review on this awesome looking device, It’s so shiny and looks like a great design, but I have willpower :smile:
Thanks for your reviews


Good luck! Try not to think about it as it calls your name from afar!