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Ogre meets the Charon Mini



so is that basically the charon TS mini ??? i love Smoant , i have most of them except the TS and RANKER i just didnt like the form of the ranker but yes its a great company ty great job

Smoant Warranty Swap out

Thank you for the view and the comment! To me they could have dropped the reference to the Charon on this one. It’s not touch screen and the form factor is different from everything else they have put out. I think the screen is probably closest in size to the Charon TS. Probably closest to the Cylon per physical dimensions. I only have the Cylon and of course the Charon mini but both function very well. From everything I have seen and heard, all of their mods are good.


thats funny you say that , bc when you turned it on i thought Cylon all the way , theybcould ha e got creative and created an entire different name lol but none the less its a great little device


Amen. We’re definitely thinking along the same lines.


Thanks Wally!
Fine review, seems all the mods I have except Smok Alien don’t pause long enough to display the puff time, or other information, after you release the fire button. And I like the little animation on this one.


Thank you my friend. Always toying around with something, lol.


Great review again @SmilingOgre, looks a bit like the Vaporesso Tarot but then lots better. Great channel, got yourself a new sub :wink:


Wow! Appreciate that! That’s another company that is putting out some fine equipment, Vaporesso. Good comparison!


Got mine today! I’m Ogrefied; love the thing so far!


Not sure how you snuck this one past me @SmilingOgre, but another good review indeed. I like your format, where the mod isn’t IN my face, but you break down the details, and using a pointer, as needed, I can see what’s what…



Well thank you good sir! They go in a hurry especially when all the vendors start posting.


what do you mean by that, I need that kind of info if you don’t mind?

@SmilingOgre; Dude, first let me say that I love the sh!t out of the one I just received (for a review). I am sure I will gush also.

Now I have a very small bone to pick with you. I remember that I was going to support your reviews on your youtube channel and you told me not to worry about it because you were only gonna do a few reviews and that when you were finished with your obligations, you were going to be done reviewing. So I didn’t subscribe.

Now I am subscribed though If that’s ok with you?

:rofl: I am just being a smart ass though, so please don’t take offense. Just kidding around (partly). just kidding again…


Thank you my friend. I truly did not believe that it would continue this long. Very few mods will live up to the specifications they are advertised with and I am surprised that these companies continue to send me devices after that comes out in testing. That is not to say the devices are not good, just over hyped. I always send a link to the respective rep after every review. I still don’t believe this will go on long term. Regardless, I am very glad you are enjoying the reviews and of course you are welcome to subscribe and I am honored to have you do so. I’ll be watching for your review to see what your take on it is. I always like to see what I missed, lol.


So it’s been my daily driver (and the wife as well) since 7/30. I have had no real issues with mine other than some of the finish wearing off, not surprised about that. The wife’s battery door has become slightly loose and you can wiggle it a bit. Glad it is not mine because that would drive me nuts, but she doesn’t care.

It was a little wonky getting custom pics uploaded to it, and the fire button is too hard to push for my liking, but otherwise I’m really enjoying it. Good hand fit and decent cell life. I know the high octane power users have squabbles about TC and other chipset performance, but for me and my low power use it’s been a winner.

Yikes, that was a quasi-review. I don’t do reviews!!! (Now give me some free shit, Smoant!!! :crazy_face:)


Great stuff to know. I wish more folks would chime in with tests over time like this. Because I do review, I never use any one mod enough to get any accumulation of known hours on a device. I use them all on and off but I have no idea how many hours I have on any of them. There’s a couple of them on the shelf I bet I only have 5 hours on after a full year.


I put almost two years daily use on my iPV8, with only minimal repair work needed (had to glue the fire microswitch to the mount, big deal). The finish was shot and the leather was silly by then, but what a horse. I still love it. Oops, off topic.


They are real nice mods. Unfortunately after about three months my battery door would no longer stay shut. I still use it sometimes but I have to tape the bottom shut with electrical tape.


@Dan_the_Man The mods just close enough but not TOO close like many reviews that I’ve seen. Sometimes video reviewers can focus too tightly, Not OgreVision, looks just right.


Is mine too tight?