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Ogre's Hippie Flashback with the Smoant Campbel



Great review, but wait, soda and vape ??


Lol, yup… Thanks for watching. Furthest out of the box for me yet.


ive heard of this and from what ive read its very disappointing to pair the two ( soda and vape ) . Since the FDA will probably link the soda to a kid appealing soft drink , anyway ty for the review but my favorite company ( smoant ) has disappointed its fans … btw sorry i havent watched ur video


That’s perfectly Ok. Thanks for the comment. A lot of questions popped into my head with this one. None of which needed to be part of the review.


Roger that @SmilingOgre


One of the nicer ways to put it IMO.

Thanks for making the time (and taking one for the team) for what was obviously a very abnormal device @SmilingOgre!
I know I wouldn’t have bothered.


Nice review! I actually had to watch to figure out WTH you were playing with! I’m sure the device will find a following. At first glance the MOD looks really nice! (minus the atty and tank)


I want to stay real neutral in this but I totally get where you are coming from. I appreciate you taking the time to post. I’m just gonna stick with “this is what I found”.


ROFL, I am happy to hear your assessment. “What the hell has Ogre got now”, lol. That’s rich. Ya just never know what the DHL person is gonna hand ya when the doorbell rings.


Got the TFA VBIC steeping yet? oooooooooh LB VIC!
And don’t get cheap rootbeer, get A&W or Hires or something good! :beer::beers:


Nothing but A&W my Cosmic friend! Takes me back… Wayyyyyy back.


OK thats it, lets see your ID card! anyone who would even think of vaping RootBeer and Icecream must be too young for this device!


Oh hell no!!! I remember buying it in the megaphone containers that you could punch the ends out of and use at a ball game. Can’t you and your friends zap the feds from space or something? They really getting annoying.


Excellent review @SmilingOgre

You confirmed all of my fears of this contraption :smiley:



Wow! Now that completes the flashback for sure!


Great review !! The whole concept is pretty cool, but damn there’s a lot of steps to assembly & disassembling.
On a side note I do really enjoy watching your reviews.


Thank you my friend! I sincerely appreciate that. It’s something a person needs to their time with IMO. Not really a grab and run kinda vape. Something to play with.


Interesting piece… Well done Man and thanks for the good read…