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Ogre's lil buddy eVic Primo Fit


Product link: https://www.healthcabin.net/joyetech-evic-primo-fit-kit-p/18187.html


You know what I think!


You’re the best my friend!


Awwwww, come on, I’m not even 2nd best :slight_smile:


First time watching one of your vids and I have to be honest. I was more intrigued by the graphing/scope analyzer you’re using. I mean the review was good and told me what I would want to know, but I’m easily distracted by the tech stuff. You seem to have more of a handle on that analyzer than just the average hobbyist. Is it safe to assume you have some background in electronics?
Anyway, thanx for sharing brother!


I thank you for that. Background, hmmmmm. Ok, education EE & Computer Science blend. During the stone age. I studied tubes and transistors. What we called “black box” at the time, now chip, was just starting to surface. My career ended up being primarily management but closely tied to tech. I never forgot how to use a scope albeit analog. These new fangled digital scopes are a hoot! Damn things do most of the math for ya! And love the print screen!!!


Well done @SmilingOgre!! Thanks for the review🍻


Thank you for taking the time to watch it and comment!!!


Thanks for a Great review @SmilingOgre, nice electromagneatomachinoo !!! , I need you to test my Therion BF DNA75C to see why it gets hot, going to send it back to Evolv one day, been saying that for 2 months now !!


And thank you for watching. I love it! electromagneatomachinoo! What a great tag line. I bum to hear about your Therion. Nice mod. I do know they want a good amount of current and when they want it. If I try to use an LG HG the mod will be showing low battery at 40%. A Sony VTC5A will go the distance with the mod though.


I have tried all of them , and just as soon as I put battery in it heats up, HOT, temp reading 100+ without firing the button, I haven’t done any research yet, but something has to be wrong in the board.:frowning:


Ya, better get it back to them.


I loved your review, I won the eVic Primo SE kit with the ProCore atomizer. It is basically the same design as this one and apart from the fact that I got a yellow one :nauseated_face: I love it.
I just can’t find any information on the wire they use for the SE coils.
I’m not into TC so I’m not bothered but still, it would be nice to have that information available for people who are into TC.


Thank you!!! I agree with you. Not knowing what coils is really not acceptable anymore. We have a good number of mods that do TC well and now we have replay as well. There’s a lot of market share there to be had.


Send it back…like IMMEDIATELY! :anguished:


Yet another great OgreVision review. I WISH more YT reviewers would model after yours, as it’s not a lotta FLUFF, but plenty of STUFF. Always love the nitty gritty that you can only get with an oscope. Keep them coming @SmilingOgre


Very much appreciate your critique! I try to stay with the “meat” of a device because that’s where my interest lies. What does this thing really do? I figure if anyone becomes interested it’s not hard to find out what colors it comes in.


Good stuff Ogre and I may have went back to the start of the graphs 2, maybe 3…OK, I went back and watched it 4 times, I need a lot for it to sink in…lol. I just dig how smart you are and the tech is way cool, great job once again!


I thank you and I’m glad you enjoy them but I’m a little embarrassed I guess. I don’t mean to come across like I’m “smart” or anything. I hope I’m not running through the “tech” too fast. I don’t want to bore the shit out of folks by making the videos too long. Let me know what you think. Your reviews rule. I would gladly take guidance.


Oh no, you did a great job, I just re-watched the tech segment to let it sink in better. I dig the tech stuff but that is not something that comes naturally for me but I love to learn about it. You would be sick of me quick if we were neighbors…show me how that works…how about this…n that, how about this…you would swat me like a fly in no time :joy: