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Ogre's look at the Kaees Aladdin BFRDA


Thanks! It helps some to be retired but it’s amazing how folks will find things for you to do, lol. I really enjoy tinkering with the things but not everybody does.


Great review man, I just put it on my shopping list. I have a Therion BF too so these single coil squonk RDA’s are always on my radar for it, thank you so much being so thorough.


My pleasure. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Once again, a fabulous review. Nice work Ogre!


Thank you! I was beginning to think you didn’t wub me any more :disappointed_relieved: I know it went way too long but I just had to try doing a build on camera. I’m a nerd.


Of course I wub you! Just had to find a chance to watch it all uninterrupted. Lol


Well, you have made this Ogre’s day! :sunglasses:


Yay! :clinking_glasses: