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Ogre's look at the Kaees Aladdin BFRDA



Nice review brother :wink: …soooo very thorough, always been impressed with Kaees products, good quality gear, thanks for sharing man :wink:


I thank you! Appreciate you taking the time to watch. This one went a little long. OooPs. I’m enjoying the atty. Good choice with all these single battery squonkers coming out.


I chuckled when you said at the end ‘Not much really to say about it’ …at the plus 20 minute mark lmao…I seriously don’t think you missed a thing man, like I said…thorough! :wink:


lmao, I’m an old Ogre. Old Ogre’s like to tell long stories.


Your video reviews are killing it! I won’t need to watch any other video reviews other than yours… well except for Zophie… I have to watch hers because she’s hot. Then again if you were to wear a long red wig… I headbang every time the GROOVY VAPE MUSIC comes on. Awesome review!


Lol, I have to admit to tuning into Zophie on occasion myself. Thanks for the shout! I really do appreciate you watching.


Loving your vid reviews! :smiley:


Thank you! I love the fact that you took the time to watch!


Nicely done @SmilingOgre, makes me want to see the NEXT video review !!!


Thank you sir! Got two coming in. A WhiteRose that I won and another Mod from Health Cabin. Might have something from Heaven’s Gifts as well if they can get it out before the Chinese New Years.


Nice job! Keep em coming!!


Thank you sir! I’ll review whatever I get sent. It’s really weird they way this goes down. From Eleaf I never get any notice at all. I just get a text on the phone for DHL saying they will be delivering a package. No communication. The stuff just shows up. So who knows.


Well I tell ya, I don’t buy anything without watching reviews first. So I look forward to them, especially well informative ones… Anyways, I guess if you think you have a good product that that would be a great way to get it (out there) and It gives you the insensitive to do so… That’s a win win in my book!! Your rocking it!!


I truly appreciate that!!! I’ve got too much going on to do too many reviews but at the same time I enjoy doing them. I’m like you, To many products out there and too much hype without detail. I watch a lot of reviews, lol. I’m always glad to help folks stay informed.


I give you props. There’s no way I could do that. WAY to shy and probably to ugly lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That was a very good review, I enjoyed watching it.
Kaees has good products. I have the Solomon RTA and I love it.


How can one be uglier than a Ogre? Really? Thanks!


Thank you, thank you. I’m diggin this little guy. My first Kaees. They are definitely on my watch list now.


Good job Wally!
Still not sure if RBA is right for me, maybe after I retire and have more time on my hands :slight_smile: