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Ogre's Squeeze Box Aspire Speeder


Update to video: I was able to find a firmware upgrade and it brought the max voltage up to 7.4V. It also added a preheat: hard, normal, soft to the VW mode. Everything else remains the same.


Another nice one! I have to give a lot of respect for u to continue doing them and improving as you do. For that and I saw the heads of those who disrespected you in the background!


I honestly laughed out loud. Yes, my collection. Each has it’s own special story. Thank you for watching!!!


Thank you for the review ,I kinda like the no frills design and the form factor.


Thank you for watching! I do too. Simple and functional works for me.


@SmilingOgre Love the review, love the size, and the features.


Thank you sir! I’m diggin it.


Great review!
Gotta love the plain-jane and the large display.


Thanks! I’m really surprised at how folks feel about it. I though I was the only one that liked “plane jane”. I have to be honest, I see some of the devices with gaudy paint, wild surfaces, and flashing lights and I’m like “good grief”. Hits me like cheep bling.


My thoughts exactly , I know some love those features and I get it.Just glad we have so many choices now.
I am happy to see a pre-heat function !


That was a good review bro and a very nice looking device. Plus, you can use it as a stress toy with all that squeezing :grin:


Great review.

I like the plain jane style and the fact that is does what it is supposed to do.


There ya go. Hand exerciser!


Thanks for watching! Amen! There are a lot out there that don’t do what they are supposed to.


Very cool review! :tada:


Thank you Vapey! Been expecting one from you. Get on the stick! I’m ah needen ah little Vapey humor!!!


Workin on it! :wink: