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Oh bugger it!


So, yesterday, my brother picked me up and drove me north to visit our terminally ill mother for a few hours . Before we set off, he helped me install my new combination microwave, and put the old one in his van for dumping. On getting home i felt exhausted and fell staight into bed.

I very much depend on the microwave, given my dietary resrictions plus dfifficulty using conventional oven , To simplify it: I can’t eat sandwiches etc (not even the free-from ones) , and can’t seem bend over to pull a meal out of the oven without burrning myself and dropping the food all over the floor. So i gave all that up, years ago.

Anyway, so this morning i get up, sit at the computer for a bit while my brain wakes up , as usual, then i make a pot of coffee as usual, drink a cup , then sit back down at my computer. Then I go back to the kitchen, to pour my second cup, heat it up up in the microwave, and make myself some porridge (also using microwave) . I turn to the microwave, look at the infamiliasr control;s, then recall in a flash. the events of yesterday ; and in particular the display that flashed up, the instant we plugged it in, insisting that i read the 107-page manual before proceeding.

Oh! bugger it!

I think I’m going to be having an exctremely late breakfast today. Reading through a 107 -page manual wothout the benefit of my 2nd morning coffee? Aaaaargh. I’ve read the first page, so far. Then I came back to my PC , as you see,



I think she needs help setting the time on her microwave…


Oh! is that the big deal? I’ve read through 23 double-column pages of mostly common -sense safety advice, diagrams and cleaning instructions (WTF? couldn’t they put the cleaning instructions last?) thus far and haven’t got so far as how to set the timer or anything like that

I knda had the impression that the thing might explode or something if i attempted to use it without first trawling through all that blurb! :laughing:

Wellll, I’ve not had a combo microwave before, so it’s entirelly feasible that there’s something that I really ought to to know before using it, somewere in that infernal booklet, so I haven’t let myself skip anything.

Recall how we’re always saying that vapers should educate themselves about battery safety? well here I am,. with an unfamiliar electrical/ electronic product, thinking well maybe i should likewise educate myself about… something or other. *shrugs * or else I’m a hypocrite, right? And now, damn, I’m beginning to wish I hadn;'t got something that bakes, grills and steams, as well as microwaving because that makes the notes on how to safely operate the thing pretty damned long-winded and complex (much of it being mode-dependant) !

I know 23 pages isn’t much, but it was such riveting stuff that I literally fell asleep partway through. And now I’m bloody hungry, having inadvertently skipped breakfast :laughing:


Cutting edge technology since 1946


Did ya see that toaster that does both sides? wild stuff man!


Well hopefully when you learn to use this one it will open more food choices for you. I can’t imagine the boredom of nuked food only. Hang in there…you’ll get it.


Thanks :slight_smile: Well, if they could only lift out the bits that I already know, and make a booklet out of the rest , I think i’d probably get it pretty fast, but they’ve scatterered the rest here and there amongst a load of mind-numbing repetition of stuff the that everybody knows aboout microwaves! Hmmm. I think i need to get a highlighter out!

One thing suddenly strikes me though: I do need to treat this thing with a lot more respect than i treated the old mirtowave, and be very , very careful not to set the wrong program. It’s one thing t have a micowave on one side of the kitchen and oven on the other, but I’m not half-way sure that combining the two is such a great idea now it actually comes to it; it means resetting a whole bunch of ingrained habits. It’s gonna be now tyou can use metal foil , now you can’t, now you can park a load of junk on the top, now you can’t, etc, etc.


Oh come now… Those units were only used to cook birds (granted, they were still in the air…flying, crazy, I know)

It wasn’t until the 70’s that they could cook birds from the refrigerator…(A whole 'nother ‘species’ ) :wink: :laughing:


Ahh, it ain’t so bad . After years of practice, I’m astonishing my son and friends with my creativity. :slight_smile:

The boredom came when I had to give up gluten, dairy, all fatty foods, maize, most spices, vanillin, articifial sweeteners and various other things , all in pretty rapid succession, followed by my ataxia and fatigue getting so bad that i had to radically simplify my preparation of what was left for me to eat ! It was baked potato (without the cheese and butter) and salad (without a dressing) for almost every meal for a while!

It can only be uphill from there :slight_smile:


Grubby, if you can’t be bothered to read to OP, please don’t bother replying. I’m a big girl. i can laugh at myself,. I don,'t mind people taking the piss. But I think willful ignorance is taking it a tad too far.


It’s in the pub. We can let our hair down and post about whatever’s on our mind here.

There’s also a whole thread full of songs, none of which are vape-related either, but you might enjoy them more :wink:


True, it will be stale pretty quickly if there’s all mixing, only mixing, and no fluff. For example, squirrel.


Because we are one weird odd duckly fam. We are
Allowed our one moment from time to time.


Some people have such poor social skills that all they can think to do is belittle others. Don’t let them win. Ignore them and carry on.


yes. Men get that too!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol.


its called 'man’struating lmfao


@jay210 is there any video instructions on line that could help you out?
It would save a lot of reading time for you.


nice idea Chewy! :slight_smile: trouble is i can’t follow video instuctions, never could.( The old visual-spatial processing is exceedingly slow and cranky). NP, though I have managed to adapt to not having a microwace, until i finally reach the right page, This is merely a minor inconvenience, and a bit of laugh that something so simple should prove so much trouble in practice.

Actually, I sneakily skimmed ahead found the right page already! But having got thus far with the slow-and -thorough approach. I’m too stubborn to drop it at this juncture :grinning: Am right on the verge. :grinning: If only I didn’t keep falling asleep… and distracting myself with ELR…:laughing:


PS. It’s actually a good thing I did it the hard way, though. There are a couple of things hidden in there that you really do need to know before you run it, or else you might bugger the whole thing up!
I’m now feeling pretty umimpressed with the manual writer for not anicipating that yer average human will completely miss that info,just through failing to have the patience to read through reams of obvious stuff. And who can blame him? (Ummm…yeah, actually, the manufacturers would blame him , wouldn’t they? when he tries to claim on the guarantee :frowning: )


Maybe a silly question but why don’t you just use a simple kettle for your coffee? At least you’ll won’t have to read a 107p manual for it and you’ll have your cuppa when you do need to sit and read.