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Oh no! look what media has done to our hobby



just saw this. bastards


Yahoo doesn’t have any money so they can’t hire real reporters … what a load of crap


beats me. from newsweek. regardless, you do know what kind of crap we all are gonna have to hear about this new mess dont you? i hear this shit every goddamn day from co workers


It’s sad that even today some people still print this stuff but hey, the media is full of shit these days. I’d like to think that most people these days are better informed.
Not too many people around me still believe all that crap and know that regular cigarettes are a hell of a lot worse.

But really, it doesn’t matter what the general public thinks, as long as the FDA and other regulating bodies deal with people who know what they’re talking about. This is just click-bait.


So. From GRAS to carcinogen, in 0 to 1 article.
Impressive. (More like, impressively creative.)

And then this wonderful nugget…

Anyone who’s ever tried nicotine patches for any real length of time can attest to the “Nicotine hotspots” that occur on occasion!

More “paid for” bullshit to rally the uninformed to choose a side.

It’s mind-boggling how… Nah. Fuck it. I’m worked up enough just reading this tripe.


Non vapers read this stuff then whine when I vape at work, tell me all about the dangers etc. they listen to the news, read this stuff…true or shit, it scares people. Most people now smoke instead of vape in redneck towns like mine. It all starts like this" hey Russell! I just heard on PBS…shit causes cancer man!" Blah blah


It is well known that nicotene is associated with heart disease, vaping is risk reduction for smokers and that being said cigarettes are much more effective at nicotene delivery than vaping. Cigarettes are designed to be as effective as intervenious nicotene use, which in my opinion is a crime agianst humanity ! It’s important to get the whole story and our media these days doesn’t seem to understand that.


What I loved at first sight was:
The participants were asked to puff an e-cigarette with nicotine one day, an e-cigarette without nicotine (same flavoring and solvents) another day, and puff on an empty e-cigarette as a control.
Now… I’d love to see that!!! :joy::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I want to see his/her face after a 5 to 7 seconds…dry hit !!

And followed by:
Vaporizers released a total of 31 harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein, which are all carcinogens or respiratory irritants.
Now… if you vape burnt cotton or vape burning dry mesh (see the above empty tank…) that’s definitely what will happen!

And it ends with:
Dr. Holly R. Middlekauff, senior study author and a cardiologist at UCLA, and her colleagues found participants developed a pattern of abnormal “heart rate variability” (HRV), which is indicative of increased heart adrenaline levels after using the e-cigarette with nicotine only.

Now, ladies and gentlemen do not vape straight nicotine, it’s harmfull and increases your heart rate… that’s a scoop!
None of us knew that!!!

They probably forgot to mention… straight nicotine will definitely increase your HRV and on an high percentage is deadly!! Who’s that idiot!!!
Next please…


After reading this article and knowing what I know from cardiac nursing. I would have to say that they cannot take one factor such as HRV (heart rate variability) and say this will definitely affect the heart of a person who vapes juice with nicotine. This HRV test is not even a common test thats done to determine heart disease or heart risk. There are many more tests involved in determing this. I would have to say that cigarettes are much more damaging to a persons health than vaping! Of course we are all aware that nicotine is bad for us! We don’t need a bunch of useless tests to know that. We do deserve the right to choose to vape if we wish!


Make no mistake. The majority of reporters are smart enough to understand that.

The problem is, they don’t care because fact based reporting hasn’t been practiced/reinforced to be the priority anymore (for decades now).

It just doesn’t grab people’s attention anymore. They “sell” more (whether paper or clicks) if there’s some outlandish slant, spin, or claim, because some people just have to have drama to be bothered. Isn’t it amazing (or rather, have you ever stopped and realized) that you practically cannot find a newspaper in a grocery store or Walmart anymore, but the trash tabloids are still at the head of almost every checkout lane?? That’s a pretty obvious (and pathetic) indictment if you’re astute enough to catch it.


Because of this, I also can’t remember the last time I spent anything in a supermarket to buy some reading material…
I’d say “their loss” but the problem with that is that I see back and front of me people who are all buying this shit :roll_eyes:


"looked at 33 healthy nonsmokers"
That’s your problem, right there ^
Of course adrenaline will increase with nicotine, especially if you’ve never smoked or used any source of nicotine before.
I’m not a medical professional, but even I know that!
Another scare tactic article that only makes proving real research information that much harder.
I used to laugh at these “flat-earthers”, until I met one. That’s what happens when you refute any scientific evidence. You become a potential Darwin award recipient.
I’m just going to stop myself right there. I’m way too worked up. I have very little tolerance for stupidity and zero for those who try to perpetuate it.


I kid you not, this very same Bull$h#! was played on Alabama Fox 6 news. Word for word.
Stupidity is breeding faster than fact! No wonder we’re in such a situation, people believe “hyped drama” before they believe hard cold facts.
Guess I better add a new warning to my labels, before some idiot claims I was responsible for an “adrenal high”.


To my mind whatever is hype and whatever is real (this article provides nothing approaching a standard that proves or suggests anything more than “inhaling chemicals has been found to temporarily affect a heart behaviour”) is easily used to carve our society into more pieces. That way we all have an “other” we can rally against. It’s easier than governing.

Anyone knows that if you put something in your body, changes can be measured. The PG/VG thing will make me go read the journal article though because these are two of the most studied aerosols for inhalation. That said, vaporizing the one to atomizer the other is still little studied to my knowledge.

Coffee was found to raise the heart rates of Mormons and 12 year old non-drinkers we’re found to test poorly after consuming small amounts of alcohol in related studies. The next studies will focus on a larger sample size of 34.


Let me preface my response by saying that i am very much awake to the fact that 90% of media is controlled by a mere six companies whos goal it is to shape public opinion with greed and power as their motive. Scientists however are sometimes objective and report results as found. How the facts are then shaped and formed presented or omitted is out of their hands. To question that Nicotine may cause arythmia or tachacardia seems reasonable. Ever dripped 12mg or higher? Felt dizzy, vertigo or any other symptom of nicotine overdose?
I for one will read any scientific findings with a skeptical yet open mind and will not allow my fondness of vaping blind me to potential harms. Down to 1.5mg and plan on lowering my nic even further. Harm reduction was after all my goal when i made the switch


People will always believe lies instead of facts. At least, that’s what I’ve found when experimenting on my co workers. Lies spread faster (5 minutes in the plant) vs truth. Truth rarely goes farther than the original person told and then it’s twisted. Or maybe a hybrid truth which is a lie mixed with truth. So this article is horseshit but people believe it enough to tell me" oh damn Russell, that shit is worse for you than smoking cause I heard about it on the news!" And so it goes…


Exactly. I was serious about the warning on my labels.
Around here, if I don’t put it on there, I could wind up like Mc Donald’s serving hot coffee, then getting sued for not warning customers it’s hot.


Which is why I no longer sell to people


Good example of fake news.
Please see:
9. Does the headline not match the content of the article?
re: http://www.easybib.com/guides/10-ways-to-spot-a-fake-news-article/


Fake news or not, it still creates an irritating subject and also puts us mixers on the defensive…again. Like they say…only takes one cocksucker to fuck it up for everyone.