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Old school mixer new to sub ohm needs e-juice advice


I’m an old school MTL vaper and have been mixing my juice for years, but I’m switching to sub ohm tanks and need to adapt my recipes and need some help. My standard mix is: nic at 24 mg/ml, vg20/pg80, and between 10 to 15 percent flavoring. I know in need to drop my nic to 6 mg/ml or lower and up my vg; but I don’t know how high to make my vg and if I need to thin the mix, or what if anything I need to do with my flavorings any help would be appreciated.


It will depend greatly on which tank you are switching to but in broad strokes anything between 50vg/50pg and 80vg/20pg should work in most modern sub ohm tanks. As far as flavouring is concerned again there are a lot of variables but you are in the range for most recipes.

I would make a one shot (blue wrench on the recipe page) and then you can keep your flavour ratios as you like them and vary the amount of concentrate in the mix by altering the overall percentage to your liking.

Hope that helps (not really very informative sorry about that but there are many variable to take into account).


Up your VG only if you choose to do so. Typically MTL (or basically low power non-sub) uses smaller coils, builds, smaller juice flow paths, etc so it can help to have a higher PG ratio for wicking purposes. But it isn’t necessary to lower the PG % for DL higher watt subbin’. Go 50/50 if you want to try that but unless you have a PG sensitivity, high VG in sub-ohm DL is mainly for vapour production.

Lowering the NIC is an excellent idea though.

As for % flavorings, that depends on the recipe. I have recipes as low as 0.1% flavor and as high as in the 20% range. All depends. Lots of variables.


thank you that is actually that is vary helpful it will give me a starting place.


thank you. I was wondering about that. i had heard not upping the vg made the mix to thin and would flood the atty


@tbarey thanks for making this thread, it reminded me of a question i need to ask the fine folks here. In regards to nicotine %s. I vape a little under 3mg nic salts (to avoid the nic taste) in a dripper. I have a guy who i make juice for once in a while. He’s all over the place, drips, squonks, juuls, hybrid tanks, everything, and has been vaping for many years, way longer than me. Anyway, ive another pal who wants to quit the dip but needs a stronger nic %. But they both tell me that you cant vape nic salts in a dripper. ?? I assume they mean maybe you shouldnt drip say 25mg nic in a dripper and that makes some sense, it would probably make ya puke. So, i guess my question is… d’ya think it would be okay for these guys to vape about 20mg nic salts in a dripper? My own thoughts are yes, sure, but be careful as thats pretty strong and may sneak up on ya since the salts are flavorless. The one dude who wants to quit dip, ive been trying to get him to get a juul since ive heard good things about people quitting with it.


@woftam nailed this one.


Too thin of juice can flood your coil in some tanks other tanks don’t seem to care, just like some tanks won’t dry hit with max vg and other tanks won’t wick max vg at all, I would suggest starting around 50/50 because if your coils can’t handle thinner juice at least you probably won’t dump the whole tank like you would with 80% pg lol


My answer would be absolutely not, same for recommendations of the juul. There are other devices that work way better, imo even simple mtl and dl setups do the trick. I understand nic salts is the new hype, but good old 12-18mg free base can archive the same. Neither of both (high free base/high nic salts) I would recommend dripping, let them try it out and record it. Might be YouTube worthy :wink:


No advice for you that my esteemed colleagues haven’t already covered. But with that said, welcome to the ELR forums.


Here’s the thing though… for me anyway, (and from what I’ve read a lot of others as well)- high freebase leads to really harsh throat hits that are really uncomfortable. If someone really needs high nic and wants to do so without the harshness and peppery taste, salts are great for that, and why they are so popular in pods.

It is also true that the warnings against it are for this very reason- you can ingest a much higher amount without harshness, which means you could get in dangerous territory pretty quick if you hit too much too quickly, of course. If you’d want to mix them a higher nic juice, I would definitely start lower and work up slowly until they feel satisfied. Since you are mixing it, the onus falls on you to avoid putting them at risk. Personally, I would cap it at some arbitrary number like 12 and tell them to buy vendor juice if they want higher nic.


@Phil_Fish and @eStorm i appreciate the input. Yeah, im not gonna give them any really high %s, i would be worried. The one who is trying to kick dip(chew), i once gave him 6mg juice (freebase nic)and he hated the harshness. Maybe i’ll give him that amount but with salts and see how he does, if needed i’ll go up a little but not much. Im gonna keep pushing him to get a juul though. Seems like smokers are really diggin those.


I completely understand that- it is why even using only 3mg I still had to switch from freebase. I was getting so fed up with the harshness I’d considered quitting vaping because it was losing it’s enjoyment factor.

Well played refraining from giving them the high nic they say they need. Aside from potential liability, I know you would be miserable if one of them ended up hurt from overniccing and you were the supplier!


:rofl: Just look for e-juice reviews where their eyes are bugging out of their head, eyes wide open and they’re talking 100 miles per hour. OMG look at the bouncing rabbit :rabbit:


A friend of mine who used to smoked unfiltered kretek cigarettes would only be satisfied using 18mg/ml salt to use for when he craves ciggarettes. He wont go higher (24mg/ml) because it would make him sweat a lot and dizzy.


Yeah i couldnt imagine enjoying nic that high. If i just barely go over my normal dosage i start getting nautious, no thanks.

Reminds me of something. When i was about 15, i got arrested for possession and intent to distribute pot. I went to rehab to avoid jail time. At this rehab smoking was allowed outside on breaks. But i guess i had a history of bronchitis, according to my mother back then, so they decided i wasnt allowed to smoke anymore. They concluded that i should be given the nicorette patch to help quit. Oh man, what a shit show that was. They must have given me too high of a dose because i was sweaty, dizzy, and dry heaving. Of course it all happened in front of the entire rehab while we were supposed to be silently lined up to go back inside. Im holding my stomach, swaying, dramatically folding over slumping on to the ground, yelling “i…i… i cant see!” Lol. So yeah, that experiment was cut short and i got my smokes back the same day. Never tried any other cessation again. Glad vaping came along.


Yeah, i got dizzy and sweating a lot at 9mg/ml. I dont know how he could tolerate nic that high, but he said it works for him to help with his cigarette cravings though, so I didn’t say anything. Anything that works to help soneone not smoking another cigarette is good.

I tried anything available for me trying to quit cigarette, and i must agree… Patches just doesn’t work for me, and if I bought ones that have a higher nic dose, it’s a torture…

Hypnosis kinda work, but it took a long time and a lot of money…

Sorry for the derail


Agree too much nic is not pleasent to me… lightheadeness closed in feeling and Im like ok thats enough, not paying attention, wait 30 minutes. It’s definitely one thing you will put down if you start getting too much of it.